National & And International Signatures Campaign
For Egyptian Humanitarian Heritage Rights

Poster National And International Signatures Campaign For Egyptian Humanitarian Heritage Rights


Ahmed Y. G. Rashed, Ph.D.

Founding Director of the Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS)   +2-0122-2390524

Between future or urgent events & urgent national necessities there are issues on the individual level, the national level & the international level to believe in it and work on it, and despite of the logic, the principle and the clarity of the question and that who asks it there is no response as the right from your point of view is incompatible with others seized it and dealing with it as a considered brazen right, and negligent from your side throughout eras and generations and then some would marvel your claim of today's ancestors, homeland and upcoming generations heritage rights.

The Just cause which is looking for your human conscience to support or opposition it is the profiting from the recruitment of Egyptian heritage products, transcripts, projects, programs, tourism, media and full industries, without any kind of financial or literary return for Egypt and its cultural heritage from each of those who profiteering of that recruitment with declared, specific and clear rates, so that return or income shall support the protection,  safeguarding, maintenance and detection of heritage and sustainable development to the humanitarian heritage of Egypt, which suffers from the accumulated problems over the years could lead someday to dissolution.

It is a principle that “the right who has someone to demand never get lost”, so do we believe that we have a right? And did work on it as individuals or as a state on any level across Egypt or over the world?This case is extended as a thought since 1999 and then it became a reality proven by a study followed by studies, deliberations, research, seminars, conferences and articles since 2004, and it was the beginning of the debate on the cause in Cordoba conference in Argentina in 2004 in the scientific research : Cultural heritage and Tourism: Luxor of Egypt? Las Vegas? That research which represent the case that is repeated around the world where major companies are profiting from with no return to the original heritage, our cause does not prevent cloning but demands the right of fair return and interest from that profit Supported by not only intellectual property rights, but the geographic indicator and the brand and other dimensions of culture, civilization, humanitarian, economic, social, political, logical and ancestral.

Through the past period the studies, research, discussion and articles did not stop, the most up to date is the call of the international and global competition as a first Step in which national and international global campaign will ask the question of whether or not we have the right, a step will be followed by steps where we will start by addressing the national conscience and the conscience of the world.

The cause is simply that we have intellectual, financial, literary and moral property rights from all whom profiteered from the recruitment of the humanitarian and urban and architectural and archaeological heritage of Egypt which is proven born in Egypt, whether the original or the cloned, to become a billions of funds industry, where it must be that a proportion of returnees from those financial, literary and moral property rights to the original civilization owners ( Egypt )and it could not be ignored or tolerated, in an international community  where everyone is looking for his  legitimate rights to assert itself and protect its proven destinies across generations and for generations to come.

And Between logic, controversy, local law and international law from one hand and bravery and courage from the other hand the cause and the previous attempts had lost and became a stash of rounds, the issue had never died and will not be ever, and I still advocate and search for a way for it, and its necessities and reasons became clearer to me and to my call to start a new round depends on addressing the collective conscience of the world in the journey of studying the cause of Egyptian humanitarian heritage rights, not only on the level of top to base claiming the rights to returned to Egypt from countries and international bodies and museums and those who considered our heritage a legitimate right and continuity of deliberations and demands   , but also the campaign this time will start from the base to the top depending on the responsibility of the individual and the international community to support our demand for those rights.

You can visit our Arabic face-book page where you may find some articles in English and you may contact us directly through my E-mail address which I stated at the beginning of the article.

The campaign, although it has an echo and support of many individuals and institutions national and international but it will start by a simple and necessary step by collecting signatures, whether electronic or manually, and everyone is invited to be an inviter and courier who realize the dimensions of this cause.

The first step will be followed by other steps, but from the intention to the mechanism & modality, it was a must for this step to be, as such a step would make us sure that we do believe in the cause or there is no need for it, with my belief that Egypt has intellectual property rights of each whom profiteered from Cloned Egyptian heritage in Egypt and the world, and there is a deeper belief that your support as a human being in everywhere in the world to this cause is the only guarantee to make Egypt able to maintain one of the first human civilizations, therefore we address your conscience and responsibility towards a thousands of years old civilization to the stand of today for the coming generations.

You are the first step before steps when international organizations, governments, global institutions and profiteering companies will be addressed, all you have to do is just to press yes to support our cause that we have intellectual property rights for each whom  profiteering  from Egypt’s proven heritage the original or the cloned or press no to decline it property.

June 2015