International Exhibition and Conference for Infrastructure

 In Africa and the Middle East

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INFRA exhibition starts from 17/10/2017 to 19/10/2017 at the Cairo International Convention Centre this exhibition involved so many companies with a great history in the infrastructure field and each company shared their knowledge, techniques, and experience in their field with the new technologies they achieved. Also the British university in Egypt with Farouk ElBaz center for sustainability and future studies entered the area of infrastructure as the only academic institution participated in the event by way of Farouk ElBaz center provides booth for the contribution of the university to the market need to involve new ideas in the academic level for creating a new way of learning for the students and to make their graduation projects valuable by research and meeting the market needs.

However, the British university has a new scope of education that shows a great respect to the community and society around the academic environment. There was a team from the BUE:  Arch. Radwa ElMaghraby, Eng. Islam Mohamed, Dr. Hassan Refaat, Mr. Shady Nady, Eng. Omar Almasalmeh and two graduate engineers were at the exhibition showing their interventions through the graduation projects and they found a great respect from the audience and a great support from the companies. And this what we can call a successful cycle for education and careers to support the society.

In parallel with the exhibition, Farouk ElBaz center held a scientific Conference and discussion for many topics related to the infrastructure among 3 sessions along the 3 days of the event. Prof Ahmed Rashed was the moderator of the sessions among the Event.


First session title “Sustainable infrastructure of new urban communities”   

Ø  Keynote speakers:

·         Prof. Khaled El Zahaby

·         Dr. Hend Farouh

·         Prof. Ayman Ashour

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Second session with title" Suez Canal Project and one and a half million acres"

Ø  Keynote speakers:

·         Prof. Ayman Abou Hadid

·         Prof. Salah Arafa

·         Dr. Hesham Safwat   

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Third session with title "Challenges and opportunities for sustaining infrastructure in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East"

Ø  Keynote speakers:

·         Prof. Mohamed Youssef

·         Prof. Sameh Nouman

·         Dr. Tarek Hatem   

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