Through the Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (BUE) with coordination of Next Design Magazine and the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (Architecture Division), and as secondary event to enrich the Hope& Work Olympics forum, we are inviting different ideas, graduation projects and research studies which is related to the development of the Suez Canal Region to present and share/discuss their visions and work through the forum .

for those who are interested you can participate by:  
  1. Filling the attached registration form and sending it by maximum 27th of July 2015.
  2. Presenting his project or idea in a poster contains 2 A0 drawings by maximum 31st of July 2015.
  3. Fees of participation are 100 EGP.
Next Design Magazine will publish all the ideas in a special issue, there will be honorary awards for selected distinguished  submissions.
A parallel event to the Hope Work Olympics application