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Egypt has been looking for itself in this period- that is between an accredited ancient civilization and the challenges of a civilization searching for- during which the social responsibility is necessary for strengthening values and concepts of achieving a sustainable development. This development depends on enabling the Egyptian youth and scientific research to back the spirit, awareness, opportunities creation, affiliation, in addition to finding the future builders who are the fuel of this period. All of this paves the way to the stage of building the future. On Monday, 6th of January 2014, the Egyptian government, as a step towards writing the history of the future, announced officially that the Suez Canal Region development project has been launched to be the Egyptian dream project. Ministries, local and international research centers and authorities will work integrally with each other in this project in the form that the Egyptian government will take the role and responsibility from the top to the bottom. This governmental role will be according to the priorities of the Egyptian National Security and the duties of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) which are to define the project management team, prepare the terms of reference (ToR) and legislation of the project, choose the consultative offices, evaluate the scenarios of the region future development, then to present the project general scheme to the Cabinet of Egypt for approval in November 2014.
To achieve this dream, there must be a role and responsibility for the social public sectors in the project from the top to the bottom and in parallel with the governmental ones. This is necessary to make the Suez Canal Region development project (Hope & Work) an opportunity and a space for a social dialogue and for the scientific research to meet the ideas and the real possibility of achieving a sustainable development. The new Egyptian constitution ensures freedom of scientific research; thought, opinion and creativity are guaranteed for all citizens. In addition, information and data are the property of the people; which is a right guaranteed by the state. For this, I present the proposal of the initiative of responsibility and the competition of the Olympiad “Hope & Work”: building better citizens and communities of developing the Suez Canal Region. The spirit of this Olympiad is derived from the challenges facing the youths and the provocation of energies of university students and fresh graduates (the future of Egypt) in accordance with democracy of scientific research in a way to put different scenarios in all specializations. Those young men will be divided into groups and work teams to work together in making decisions and the future dream of a national project. The ideas of the consultative offices will complete their visions and scenarios the matter that will make the competition an epic and a participatory social model of making the decision and the awareness, preparing the cadres of the future, and investing the opportunities with hope and work to improve all life fields in Egypt (like housing, architecture, green economy, agriculture, industry, tourism, renewable energies, technology, sustainable construction and understanding the role of region in 2050).

Prof. Ahmed Rashed
Professor of Architectural Engineering Department
Founding Director of the Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (CSFS)

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Competition Short Description (Arabic)

Terms of Reference ToR (Arabic)

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