Faculty of Communication & Mass Media to organise a conference on “Public Media in Egypt: Strategies for Improving Radio and Television Services” this Thursday

Over 30 leading Egyptian public media decision makers and figures will be discussing issues and challenges in improving Egypt's Public Broadcast in the one day conference organised by Faculty of Communication and Mass media, the British University in Egypt, on November 27, 2014 at the Sofitel Hotel, Cairo.

The purpose of the event is to analyse the current public media issues, and to discuss different strategies for improving public media services in Egypt. More over, it aims to deepen the exposure of Egyptian public media key players to some of the issues facing ERTU in relation to freedom of expression, self-regulation, and strategies for improvement.

The event will commence with the opening session that includes the key speeches of Prof. Ahmed Hamad, BUE president, Prof. Mohamed Shouman, CMM dean, Mr. Essam El Amir, Head of ERTU (Egyptian Radio & Television Union), Prof. El Sayed Abdel-Khalek, Egypt's Minster of Higher Education, Prof. Ashraf El-Araby, Minster of Planning, and Prof Gaber Asfour, Minster of Culture.

The first session on Issues of Fundraising Facing Public Media will be moderated by Mr. Aly Abdel-Rahman, first Deputy Minster of Information and Consultant to the Head of ERTU, including Prof Safwat El-Alem, Media professor at Cairo University, Prof. Hasan Aly, Head of Mass Communication Department at Minya University, Mr. Mohamed Abdallah, President of Sawt Al Kahira, Ms. Madiha Fawkeh, Head of Economic Sector of ERTU, and Amr Kais, Managing Director of IPSOS.

Followed by the second session on Restructuring Public Media in Light of International Experiences, moderated by Prof. Hussein Al-Amin, former dean of Mass Communication department at the AUC, including Prof. Adel Saleh, Vice dean of CMM at BUE, Prof. Hwaida Moustafa, Dean of the High Institution of Mass Communication, Shorouk Academy, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Sayad, Mr. Gamal Enayet, and Mr. Mohamed Sherdy, the well-known media figures.

The 3rd session on Issues on Freedom of Expression to be moderated by Mr. Hamdy Al-Kunaiessy, Former Head of Egypt's Broadcast, including Prof. Hafez El Merazy, Mr. Aly Mubarak, and Mr. Amr El-Wekil.

While the final session on improving the content will be moderated by Prof. Adly Reda, Media Professor at Cairo University, including Prof. Naglaa El-Emary, BUE prof and Former Head of BBC Arabic, Mr. Abd El-Rahman Rashan, Head of Egypt's Broadcast, Mr. Gamal Al-Shaer, Head of Radio and TV Institution, Mr. Osama Kamal, and Mr. Ragaey Al-Marghany.

The conference will be concluded with the closure session moderated by Prof. Shouman and Prof. Hasan Al-Noamany, Secretary General of ERTU. In which, recommendations and key points will be presented and discussed.