Roundtable Discussion “The Fast Growing Economies Worldwide: Challenges to and Success Stories of Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Tajikistan

Sunday, 28 October, 2018
The British University in Egypt’s, Centre for Egypt and ME Studies hosted a roundtable discussion entitled “The Fast Growing Economies Worldwide: Challenges to and Success Stories of Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, and Tajikistan on Sunday, 28 October 2018 at BUE Campus. The purpose of the roundtable discussion was to bring together government officials, senior diplomats and economic experts as well as academia, faculty and students alike to analyze the most important economic challenges, address opportunities and obstacles, showcase solutions and pinpoint the success stories of the countries which were able to achieve rapid economic growth.

The keynote speakers were H.E. Mr. Jose Octavio Tripp; Ambassador of Mexico; H.E. Mrs. Maria Madalena Fischer; Ambassador of Portugal, H.E. Mr. S. Premijth; Ambassador of Singapore, H.E. Mr. Khursav Noziri, Ambassador of Tajikistan. The four ambassadors met first with the President of the University Prof. Ahmed Hamad, Vice- Presidents and Deans followed by the roundtable discussion with students and faculty of BAEPS headed by Dean Wadouda Badran. They presented lessons from the success stories of their nations, highlighting the economic challenges that they endured in order to achieve economic growth. The session was followed by an interactive Q &A from the audience. The guests were impressed by the quality of questions asked by the faculty, staff and students of the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, Registered their admiration to BUE.

It is worth mentioning that the roundtable discussion took place with the support and the presence of Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Prof. Ahmed Hamad, President of the BUE as well as Dean Wadouda Badran. The roundtable discussion was moderated by Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of Centre of Egypt and ME Studies (CEMES).

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