The Centre for Egypt and Middle East Studies participated with the Faculty of Arts, Dean Shadia Fahim in organizing a working session with Beijing Language  and Culture University of China (BLCU) for a joint- degree for the undergraduate 1+2+1 Project. In a session moderated by Ambassador Mahmoud Karem Director of CEMES, Prof. Ahmed Hamad, President of BUE delivered the opening address after showing a documentary on BUE’s recent achievements and growth. The chairman of the Board of the University of China responded underscoring the importance they attach to cooperation with BUE. Mr. Song Bo, Education Counselor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China delivered a message from HE Ambassador Song Aiguo, Ambassador of China to Egypt expressing his best regards to the chairman of the Board of BUE, and President Hamad, and wishing this collaboration success. The aim of this cooperation is to expand student exchange, sending after one-year of study at BUE, students to China to complete their education and graduate form BUE. The program will also honour academic credit exchange and students will be granted Dual Degrees by both universities.
We have the honour & the pleasure to announce that Ambassador Dr Mahmoud Karem has been awarded with the prestigious the Order of the Rising Sun Gold and Silver Star by the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Government.

The conferment of the award was for his great contribution in strengthening the solidarity between Japan and Egypt.

BUE received a Certificate of Award and Appreciation from the LAS for its active contribution in preparing and conducting the Integrated Simulation Program for the LAS from December 2017 to April 2018.

BUE students from the Faculty of BAEPS presented an academic project underscoring and proposing developments in Arab Cultural and Educational Systems, listing not only descriptive problems but also proposing Prescriptive means to overcome and remedy these shortcomings. The Students’ project also suggested underlying parallels in our interdependent, global system, proposing an Arab Cultural Youth Annual Conference. These recommendations by our BUE students received the highest acclaim.

On July 2, 2018, the BUE welcomed HE Ambassador Barney Riley, ambassador of New Zealand and Consul Ms Amanda Stark, where they held a meeting with Prof. Dr Ahmed Hamad, BUE President met with senior VP Dr Leslie Croxford and Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Advisor for International Affairs and Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies. During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of renewable energy between BUE and New Zealand Universities. The ambassador was glad to receive an invitation to give a lecture to BUE students at the outset of the new academic year and also expressed his admiration for the BUE and its academic programs.

The British University in Egypt welcomed HE Ambassador James Moran, Former EU Ambassador to Egypt, BUE Board Member & Associate Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, and Prof. Stevens Blockmans, Director of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPES), Brussels. The Centre, well established in the Heart of Europe, covers all European Policy areas and provide insights and prospective solutions for EU Policy through research, publications and events. At the outset, the guests held a meeting with Prof. Dr Ahmed Hamad, BUE President and Dean Wadouda Badran, Dean of (BAEPS), and Ambassador Dr Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies. In that meeting, both explored potential areas of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and the Centre for European Policy Studies.

Following the meeting, Ambassador James Moran and Prof. Steven Blockmans delivered a lecture to Political Science Students entitled “ EU-Egypt Relations in Perspective.” Prof. Blockmans gave a thorough history of the European Union, its evolution and how it works. He also referred to the “European Neighborhood Policy,” revised in November 2015 with Southern & Eastern neighbours to foster stabilization, security in line with EU foreign and Security Policy. Afterwards, Ambassador Moran gave an insightful presentation in which he reconfirmed the leading role of Egypt in achieving peace in the MENA region and added that the EU will continue to support Egypt in addressing current challenges such as economic reforms, good governance, rapid population growth, attracting foreign investment and reducing the unemployment rate.

Amb. Moran has also highlighted that the EU is very keen to work closely with Egypt on areas of mutual interests and to open close dialogue with Egypt on some of the current political challenges such as illegal migration, Islamophobia, energy needs, and terrorism.. etc.

The lecture was also attended by Mrs.Rania Aurag, Head of the European Affairs Department at the League of Arab States. Mrs Aurag also stated that the relations between EU and LAS experienced a new momentum to better address shared challenges and opportunities.

After the lecture, the students engaged in a robust, transparent discussion with the guests who were truly impressed with the extensive knowledge of BUE students.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Centre of Egypt and ME studies in collaboration with the Department of Political Science under the Supervision of Prof Wadouda |Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS.