Cairo, March 6, 2019-In search for academic excellence and advanced disciplines, the BUE is working on including advanced teaching and robust applications of future sciences, Robotics and artificial intelligence in our respective curricula. Towards achieving this goal and with the full support of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Farid Khamis, and the President of the University Dr. Ahmed Hamad, the University started a global campaign targeting the most advanced centers of excellence around the world. Encouraged by the support from HE the Minister of Higher Education to open new faculties that are specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence, the British University in Egypt hosted a large delegation from the Tokyo Institute of Technology headed by Professor Kawata on March 6, 2019. The Delegation held a meeting with Prof. Yehia Bahi El Din; Vice President of Research and Post Graduate Studies, Deans, Vice Deans and Professors, Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre for Egypt and E Studies, in which they discussed potential areas of collaboration between the two institutions especially in the fields of research and students exchange.

It is worth mentioning that the BUE received another delegation from Kyushu University on March 24, 2019 for further cooperation with Japan which is leading the world in robotics and artificial intelligence.

One Belt, One Road Initiative Workshop

Cairo, March 17, 2019- The British University in Egypt organized a high-level workshop aimed to bring together government officials, diplomats, academics and policy-oriented experts from both Egypt and China to present their views and visions on this important Initiative that will connect Asia to Africa and Europe along the lines of the old Silk Road. Among the invited guests by the BUE were keynote speakers such as HE Ambassador Khaled Tharwat, Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Kamali; Deputy Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform; HE Mr. Li Dong; Minister Counselor; Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; Prof. He Wenping; representing the Chinese government and the Chinese Academy for Social Science, Prof. Long Ding; University of International Business and Economics (China),Dr. Ahmed Antar; Deputy Minister for Trade, and Professor Dr. Ali El Din Helal who chaired and moderated the second session.

At the outset of the event, Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University made a statement and distributed some important working documents and statistics explaining and focusing on measures to maximize Egypt’s benefits from this initiative.

The speakers throughout the panels, presented their perspectives on China’s Initiative in terms of its origins, motivations, its potential implications for Egypt with regard to opportunities and/or challenges, as well as its implications for an emerging Egyptian-Chinese strategic partnership. At the end of the workshop, a positive interactive feedback was received from all participants who concluded the sessions with fruitful outcomes and a plethora of recommendations.

The Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS), headed by Dean Wadouda Badran, incorporating the faculty and students are preparing a summary of this workshop including a synopsis of the recommendations and conclusions. The Centre for Egypt and Middle East (CEMES) is proud to assist in the organization and thematic arrangement of this workshop.

Cairo, Feb 10, 2019-The Centre for Egypt and Middle East Studies in cooperation with Vice President for Research & Post Graduate Studies Dr. Yehia Bahi El Din and the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering (BUE) arranged a public seminar entitled “A vision on Sustainable Electricity Supply Security for Egypt till 2050 and beyond, by Dr. Eng. Hani El Nokrashy member of the Advisory Presidential Council of Egypt’s Scientists and experts, CEO and founder of El-Nokrashy company for engineering in Germany, member of Federation of German Scientists (VDW) and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at DESERTEC.

The seminar was attended by Professors, students as well as by Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rehim, chairman of El Sherouk Academy and his staff.

Discussions covered the future vision on energy saving and optimism use of solar energy using success stories of Spain and other nations. The guest covered all questions asked and expressed his admiration to the British University in Egypt and its efforts in promoting scientific and research fields and studies.

Renewal of the MOU between BUE and the UFM

On November 22, 2018, Prof. Yehia Bahi-El-Din, Vice President for Research & Postgraduate Studies and Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Special Advisor for International Affairs and CEMES Director held a meeting with Mrs. Emmanuelle Gardan, Head of Sector Higher Education and Research, Union For Mediterranean (UFM) in order to renew the Memorandum of Understanding on academic cooperation between BUE and the UFM for another three years. With the MOU renewed, BUE and the UFM will continue the existing collaborative activities and explore other possible means to mutually benefit both institutions.
It has been agreed to undertake an action plan as a basis to open cooperative networking with Mediterranean Universities by identifying sectors like: Climate, Renewable Energy, Women Empowerment, Youth Employability, Migration, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship & Water Studies. It was also agreed to ensue cooperation with BUE Science Park in the fields of Wind Energy and Blue Economy Water Desalination.

The meeting also focused on conducting collaborative research activities through staff mobility using our roster of experts and academicians and enhancing participation in EU Programs such as Erasmus+, PRIMA & Horizon2020.

It is worth mentioning that BUE is the First University in the Southern Mediterranean that enters into a cooperative agreement with the Union for Mediterranean (UFM)
Cairo, March 12, 2019, the BUE welcomed HE Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States (LAS), in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis; Chairman of the BUE Board of Trustees, Several Board Members, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hamad, President of BUE, Vice Presidents, as well as dignitaries and some representatives from Arab Embassies. During this welcome meeting, the Secretary General Mr. Aboul Gheit listened to several presentations on BUE’s recent accomplishments, BUE annual participation in the LAS summer training and simulation modules, showcased his two books” My Testimony” and “Witness on War & Peace”. He kindly dedicated a special signed edition of his two books to the Library of the British University in Egypt.

Later on the Secretary General held an open discussion with Political Science Students in an open and interactive environment, where he discussed the challenges that face the League of Arab States especially after the Arab Spring, efforts to forge Arab consensus, face extra regional challenges , and pointed out the differences between the Arab League and several other regional organizations such as the European Union. At the end of the discussion, he urged BUE students to chase their dreams, read extensively, study hard, and uphold research, keeping in mind that today’s youth will soon shape the future of our nation. The discussion was arranged by Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre for Egypt and E Studies, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Wadouda Badran; Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS and moderated by Dr. Amany Ismail; Head of the Political Science Department.