CCCS – Centre for Community and Consulting Services is an educational training centre that was founded in 2008 in the British University in Egypt. The services provided by the Centre are based on the needs of industry and the community at large, within the areas of specialisation offered by the BUE (currently Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Languages and Political Science).Specially designed training programmes for individuals clients. 
The aim of the centre is to help strengthen the Egyptian economy by introducing firms and organisations to the latest developments in management and technology, through consultancy, research and training. It also aims at developing individuals and organizations to prepare them to the dynamic business environment, through offering a number of courses and sessions that aims at fulfilling the needs of the trainees.


Become part of the community development and the educational quality offered to develop the workforce in Egypt


To deliver courses and sessions that aim at meeting the needs of the trainees through quality education supported by the British Educational System.


  • Train and develop the workforce in Egypt, targeting individuals and organizations.
  • Training Meet the needs of individuals and organizations who aim at personal and professional development.
  • Offer certified courses in the English Language Training.

Specifically CCCS, offers:-

  1. Specially designed (bespoke) training programmes for individual clients
  2. Regularly scheduled short courses and seminars
  3. Regularly Scheduled Professional Development Programmes
  4. Research and Consultancy activities
  5. Problem solving & special studies

For further information contact Dr. Tamer Mohamed

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