Classroom Rules

  • You should attend ALL the classes, tutorials, and come on time.
  • Attendance will be recorded at ALL lectures and tutorials.
  • Due dates of ALL assignments are fixed and CANNOT be changed.
  • Raise your hands & wait for permission to speak.
  • One student talk at time.
  • Work quietly & no side talks during the lecture
  • Be kind with you words & actions.
  • Respect personal space & rights of others.
  • Laugh with anyone BUT NEVER AT ONE.
  • Carryout all tasks you asked to do from academic staff.
  • Listen carefully & be commitment and actively participated
  • Follow academic directions & instructions.
  • Cooperate with your academic staff and your classmates.
  • Respect the rights and property of others.
  • Respect property of your classroom & faculty.
  • Keep your classroom clean.
  • Do not eat in the class
  • Switch off your mobile phone in the classroom


Skills Lab Rules

  •  A complete uniform is a MUST (follow uniform code dress in your WBL)
  •  White Shirt Underneath for Boys and Girls.
  •  Girls: Hair Must Be Fixed and Tie at the Back
  •  Girls who are wearing scarf should be dark blue
  •  Boys: Clean Hair Cut and shaving
  •  Nails should be short, clean, be careful about your personal hygiene
  •  You should wear white socks
  •  Shoes (Dark Black Or Blue)
  •  You should hang your ID in ID holder
  •  You should have the following equipment
  •  Notebook, Pen (Black or Blue).
  •  Wear watch with Seconds
  •  Surgical Scissor.
  •  Tape Measurement.


Safety Rules

  •  Before entering the lab. Be sure that you are aware of the procedures and materials will be used
  •  Follow all written and verbal instructions carefully.
  •  Time IN and OUT sheets must be filled up for each student enter lab.
  •  No one is allowed to work in skills lab ALONE
  •  All equipments must always return in proper place at the end of your work
  •  It is a MUST to be aware of the procedure for disposal of used materials.
  •  Do not touch any equipment in the area until you are instructed to do so.
  •  Any damages, breakages and losses occur must be brought to the attention of facilitator in charge at once.
  •  Maintained cleanliness of the lab all times.
  •  No foods, drinks beverages, chew gums in the skills lab
  •  Be aware of evacuation plan in a case of emerency.
  •  Camera is ON while in session.
  •  Failure to report such incident will be considered a violation of the Rules.


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