Mohamed Ezzat Sobaih  

Professor Mohamed Ezzat Sobaih


  • Education History: Sobaih has got his basic and university education in Cairo Egypt. In 1967 he obtained his B.Sc. with honors in Civil Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. In 1970 he obtained the M. Sc. in Structural Engineering from the same school. Then he left home to Canada where in 1974 he got his Ph. D. from Sherbrooke University
  • Bio: After obtaining his Ph.D. he joined the nuclear power consulting firm Canatom Ltd. in Montreal. He spent two year in analyzing and designing nuclear power plants and heavy water plants. In 1976 he returned back to Cairo University as an Assistant Professor in the civil engineering department. He continued working in teaching and research in this department until he became an Emeritus Professor.Sobaih has acted twice as a Dean of Engineering, once at Fayoum and the other time at Abu Dhabi. During his presence in Abu Dhabi he succeeded to have the ABET accreditation for three departments of his Faculty of Engineering. He also acted as a Vice Dean for Student Affairs and a Vice Dean for Higher Studies and Research at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

    Sobaih is considered as a pioneer in developing computer-aided structural analysis in Egypt. Besides, he introduced the field of earthquake engineering in Egypt. In 1983 he established the Egyptian Society for Earthquake Engineering non-profit organization. Through this organization he conducted courses, workshops, national and international conferences. This has led to spread the knowledge of earthquake engineering in Egypt and many Arab countries.He was a key person in obtaining the Egyptian national accreditation for the whole Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. During his career he has been very active in curricula development. He has published about 84 refereed papers. He has supervised 36 awarded M.Sc. and 15 Ph.D. theses. He was the winner of Cairo University Prize for Research twice. The first was in the field of Earthquake Engineering and the second time in Structural Engineering. He acted also as a private consulting engineer where he designed some major and complicated projects.He has participated in many national and international conferences. This gave him the opportunity to visit many countries in North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Arab countries where he made good relations with scientists in earthquake engineering. He has also conducted a two-year research project on Enhancing Earthquake Engineering Education in Egypt during the period 2005-2007 funded by the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. He has also participated in regional research projects in earthquake engineering in collaboration with Mediterranean countries, UNESCO and United Nations.