Khaled Dewidar  

Professor Khaled Dewidar

Vice Dean for Teaching and Learning


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  • Building: A
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1435
  • Room: 115
  • Bio:
    Dr. Dewidar graduated from the Architectural Engineering department in 1983 from Cairo University, followed by ‎M. Arch. in 1988 from the same school in Architectural Design. In 1990 he was awarded his M.Sc. from the University Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in History and Theories of Architecture. In 1993 he was awarded his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in the dialectics between Materials, Structures, Space and Architectural Style. He worked in several research projects and taught several engineering courses during his doctoral studies. He then joined Ain Shams University as a full time architectural staff member. After earning his Professorship Degree in 2003, Dr. Dewidar was awarded a teaching/research grant in 2004 at the University of Pennsylvania where he taught architectural theory and philosophy of technology for one academic year and conducted his research on architecture in the age of information technology.
  • Fields of Interest:
    Dr. Dewidar Main field of interest is theories and history of architecture, philosophy of technology, dialectical relation between materials, structure, space and architectural style, new trends in architectural design, and finally green architecture and Zero emission compositions.


“A Gestalt through an Experiential Encounter: Where Body Meets Sound and Space. Le Corbusier and Iannis Xenakisn Philips Pavilion.” Housing Major International events International Conference. The Housing and National Research Centre. Cairo – Egypt, 2013. “Living Architecture: A New Approach in Architectural Sustainability.” Hassan Fathi Award Ceremony for Architecture. Alexandria Library, Alexandria – Egypt. 2013. “Enhancing the Human Thermal Comfort inside Educational Buildings in Hot and Arid Regions.” International conference on Global Climatic Changes, Biodiversity and Sustainability. Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport. Egypt, Alexandria. April 2013.“From Modernism to Green Architecture: A New Language for Architectural Compositions” International conference on Global Climatic Changes, Biodiversity and Sustainability. Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport. Egypt, Alexandria April 2013.“The Art of Sustainability. Dialectic Relation between Sustainable Performance and Performance of Sustainability.” The 6th International Conference on Sustainable Development on Building and Environment. Chongqing University China. October 2013“The Tide Changes: From the Wane of Green Architecture to the Wax of Adaptive Facades.” Sustainable Development International Conference SB13 The German University in Egypt November 2013“Wind Turbines: A new Language in Architectural Composition.” 12th. International World Wind Energy Conference and Renewable Energy Havana – Cuba June 2013.“From Responsive to Adaptive Facades: A Shifting Trend in Architectural Composition.” 1st. International Conference on Sustainable Development, SB13 The British University in Dubai Dubai December 2013.“Living Skins: A new concept of Self Adaptive Building Envelope Regulating System.” International Conference on Design Methodologies Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul, Turkey May 2014.“Beauty of Wholeness and Beauty of Partiality. New Trends Defining the concept of Beauty in Architecture in Terms of Sustainability and Computer Aided Design.” International conference on Sustainability, Teaching and Education. The international Association for Development of the Information Society. Taipei, Taiwan. December 2014.