General Purpose: To review and monitor the University's financial planning and performance.
Reports to: University Board/Executive Group.


1. To recommend to the University Board for its approval by April of each year, the Annual Budget and medium-term forecasts (including allocations to all budget centres) in order to achieve the objectives of the University's Strategic Plan.
2. To monitor the University's progress and performance against the Annual Budget.
3. To receive and decide on requests from Faculties and Departments for non-budgeted expenditure..
4. To determine and approve the fees charged by the University and the number and level of scholarships and bursaries on offer.
5. To receive the annual audited accounts for the University and recommend their approval to the University Board.
6. To advise on borrowing, fund-raising and investment and to consider proposals for related funding arrangements.
7. To receive and review the annual accounts of the Students' Union.

Chair, Board of Trustees (Chair)
President (Vice-Chair)
One Faculty Dean (appointed annually)
University Registrar
Secretary: Director of Finance
The Chair or Vice-Chair and one third of the total actual membership.
Approved by the Executive Group: 19 April 2011