• Dr. Mostafa Shazly – (Faculty of Engineering)


  1. Mr. Hassan Ammar (Secretary General)
  2. Dr. Mervat Shoukry (English Department)
  3. Dr. Mostafa Refaat (Faculty of Engineering
  4. Dr. Sarah Abdelwaheb (faculty of Dentistry)
  5. Dr. Abdel Hamid Harb (Faculty of BAEPS)
  6. Mrs. Samar Osman (Faculty of Nursing)
  7. Dr. Mostafa Salama (Faculty of ICS)
  8. Dr. Samy Mohamady (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  9. Ms. Christine Fahmy (Faculty of CMM)
  10. Mr. Hesham Hassan (General Manager of Security & Safety)
  11. Mr. M. Fouad Wahby (Campus Manager)