1. Promote a positive health, safety and environmental culture, enabling staff, students and managers to contribute to ensuring effective arrangements to protect their health, safety and welfare, as well as that of visitors to the campus. This may involve promoting the inclusion of health, safety and environment topics into the curriculum.
  2. Review, monitor and develop the University's health and safety policy with the aim of controlling risks and continually improving health and safety standards throughout the University.
  3. Monitor the success of the University's health and safety activities and provision and review their effectiveness.
  4. Consider new and existing legal requirements and UK norms on health and safety matters, assess their implications for BUE, and recommend action to be taken to ensure compliance.
  5. Oversee the management of risk arising from teaching, research and other activities.
  6. Recommend the allocation of necessary resources to support the health and safety objectives and obligations and departmental requirements as necessary.
  7. Arrange the provision of appropriate information, instruction and training for staff and students where necessary to ensure their health, safety and welfare, including the provision of first aid officers and building fire marshals.
  8. Report to the Executive Group and other University Committees, as deemed appropriate.


Dean of Engineering as Chair

Secretary General

One academic staff member from each Faculty, nominated by the Dean

Head of Security

Campus Manager

Head of Maintenance

Assist. Head of Finance

Representative form the New Projects Unit

University Lawyer

Industrial Safety Supervisor

Secretariat: Dean of Engineering Office


The committee shall meet at least three times per year.


Chair plus one-half of the membership.

Approved by Chair's Action on 12 November 2014