Proposed Ph.D. Programme at Loughborough University for BUE Teaching Assistants


  • Students enroll in LU PhD programme on part-time basis.
  • Students must be accepted in the LU PhD programme according to their qualifications and LU requirements
  • Academic staff from LU and BUE will jointly supervise students.
  • Students are normally required to spend one semester the first year during the Ph.D. program at LU. The duration of stay after that will be determined based on the nature of specialization and progress by the two advisors.
  • LU's part-time tuition fees apply at 40% of normal fees (i.e., 60% discount).
  • This agreement shall support a total of eight teaching assistants and shall be re-evaluated thereafter.
  • LU will identify a point of contact who would be responsible for advertising the programme at LU and providing BUE teaching assistants with the help they need during the application process and during their presence on LU campus.
  • BUE to finance 67% of the approved expenses for students enrolled in this program.
  • BUE sponsorship will be for four years only.
  • BUE teaching assistants enrolled in this program will be on paid leave while at LU.
  • Students will not be allowed to stay in UK after completion of their doctorate.
  • The progress of the students will be reviewed annually by both LU and BUE and continuation will depend upon the successful assessment.
  • Screening and selection of applicants will be done in the respective faculty.
  • Approved expenses for students only. No coverage will be for dependents (spouse and children).

Who Qualifies for this Program? 

  • BUE teaching assistants who qualify according to LU admission process.
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 'very good' cumulative grade.
  • Applicants who are 35 years of age or younger.
  • Applicants should be able to finance 33% of the approved expenses.
  • Applicants must work at BUE for four years after earning the Ph.D. degree; otherwise they will be obliged to pay all expenses related to their education under this program.
  • Legal documents to guarantee the university's rights must exist. The embodiment of that will include the availability of the nearest kin as collateral.
  • Candidates for the programme must have at least one year of working as a TA at BUE
  • A limited number of applications will be approved annually.
  • Faculties shall nominate and rank their potential applicants to be sent to the research committee.
  • Nominations of the research committee will be forwarded to the president for awarding.


General Guidelines for Ranking Applicants

The joint BUE-LU PhD programme was established to help support BUE teaching assistants to pursue their postgraduate studies under a joint supervision programme as part time students at Loughborough University. The programme guidelines which were approved by both the BUE & LU suggested a ranking mechanism to be established and implemented by the individual faculties to
help nominate their applicants for the programme.

The following constitutes a set of guidelines and ranking system for the above mentioned objective:

  • The BUE should identify the number of teaching assistants who will be allowed to participate in this programme.
  • The BUE should nominate the set number of teaching assistants every other year.
  • Faculties are responsible for ranking their applicants, as per the recommendation of approved guidelines, and nominating those applicants to the research planning & review committee (RPRC).
  • Ranking of applicants shall be executed by an internal committee established at each individual faculty with representatives of all major specialty areas within the faculty.
  • A set of general and academic criteria are proposed to constitute the basis of such nominations. Such criteria are outlined in a proposed evaluation form attached with this proposal.
  • Each committee shall nominate the set number of applicants in addition to a standby in case one of the applicants was not able to carry out his/her proposed research plan at LU.
  • The proposed guidelines are considered the bare minimum with the possibility of imposing more stringent criteria if any faculty sees fit for its own applicants.
  • It is proposed to commence the programme with the following number of students:


Faculty of Engineering  Faculty of Business, Economics & Political Science  Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science  Energy 
 2+(1 standby)  2+(standby)  1+(standby)  2


  • The applicant shall submit the following documents to his/her faculty for consideration for the programme:

o Application to LU.
o Acceptance letter from LU.
o Updated Curriculum Vitae.
o Approval of a BUE staff member to serve as an advisor.
o Identify a matching area of research and advisor in LU.
o Abstract of Master's thesis if applicable.
o List of publications if applicable.
o Research proposal for his/her planed studies at LU complete with a set of clear objectives, methodology and timeline plan for proposed activities, in coordination with and approval of BUE advisor. Emphasis should be given in the research plan to the significance of proposed research and its contribution to BUE's strategic research objectives.