Postgraduate Scholarships will be offered to BUE graduates and employees who wish to pursue graduate
studies in any postgraduate programme offered by BUE faculties as described below.

1. BUE Graduates & Full Time Employees:

Partial scholarship at 50% on tuition fees in any BUE Postgraduate Programme.

2. BUE Graduates ranked at the top of their cohort:

Full scholarship at 100% on tuition fees in any BUE Postgraduate Programme.

3. BUE Petroleum Engineering & Gas Technology Classes of 2011 & 2012 ONLY:

Full scholarship at 100% in any BUE Engineering Postgraduate Programme (without any conditions).

4. Scholarship Rules:

  1. With the exception of PEGT classes of 2011 & 2012, BUE Graduates must have graduated with an overall average of 60% (equivalent to 75% EG).
  2. BUE employees who are not graduates of BUE must have graduated with an overall average of 75% (very good) according to EG marking scale.
  3. Students must present a plan of study which shows completion of the programme and graduation in no more than three academics years, and register according to the plan of study.
  4. BUE scholarships will be offered for a maximum of three academic years.
  5. Students must score a cumulative average of 75% to maintain the scholarship (for 600 Level modules).
  6. Students should only PASS 500 level modules to maintain the scholarship.
  7. A scholarship is terminated if the student fails any postgraduate module.
  8. With the exception of BUE Full time teaching, research and lab assistants, BUE employees may apply for postgraduate scholarships after a vesting period of employment of one year.
  9. BUE full time employees who benefit from postgraduate scholarships are required to continue to work at BUE for two years following graduation. Employees wishing to depart from BUE before the end of this period will be required to pay back the scholarship funds, prorated according to the period of employment after graduation.

5. Payment Schedule for BUE Employees:

BUE full time employees have the option to pay postgraduate tuition fees for each semester(excluding summer) in three installments as deductions from their salary.


Approved by University Board on June 4, 2014
Amendments approved by Chair Action on August 4, 2014