Nursing 33


Provide Library services to underpin BUE’s vision to be highly ranked and internationally respected, making a significant contribution to the development of Egypt and the MENA Region.


To provide vibrant services using all possible resources to support the students learning choices and research requirements and attract high-quality researchers and students which will eventually contribute in the production of highly qualified citizens to be part of the development of Egypt and MENA region.

The Library will achieve its mission during 2017-2022 through the following themes, which underpin the strategic plan:
  • Ensure the Library building is well maintained, secured and technology enabled.
  • Provide quality information with a focus on electronic resources.
  • Identify the staffing requirement, support staff development and retain current staff for the benefit of the University community.
  • Develop communication and marketing strategy to reach national and international recognition.
  • Develop student & Alumni services to be in alignment with modern international service provision.
  • Support research activities.
  • Provide community services.