The BUE new Library is located in the center of the University between the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Pharmacy

It was partially opened on the 6th of April 2015 by the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and will be fully functional in the new academic year (2015/2016).

This new library is the fruit of many years of planning, discussions, and negotiations; many university libraries in Egypt were visited and System providers were met to make sure that our new Library will provide the latest technology and services. Moreover, to make sure that it is in line with the British standards, the BUE consulted and contracted with British advisors who were university librarians in UK universities.

The new library consists of four floors, with a total capacity of around 1200 users and 100,000 books. It provides over 200 PCs for public use. In addition to providing vital services to existing students and staff, it is hoped that it will also be a good marketing point for future students and researchers.

So what will the new library provide? Let us take a tour of the new library's floors and services.


Lower Floor (basement)

Group Study Rooms: this floor will offer 10 group-study rooms, each of which will provide a screen, table, chairs and network connections. The capacity of each room is designed to fit 6, 8, or 10 groups of students.

Careers, Employability, and Learning Support: this is a new trend in modern libraries in the UK. It will offer guidance to students on how to apply for jobs, how to make an interview, how to write a CV, and similar services. It will also provide a place where students could come to get help in English or mathematics. Another service is to give guidance to students with Specific Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (SLDD).

Special & Rare Collections: the new library will provide a place for special and rare collections of books, but at a later stage.

Subjects covered in this floor will include: Computer Science, Mass Communications, Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion.

This floor is scheduled to open in the academic year 2015/2016.




Ground Floor (library's main entrance)

Interactive Room: the concept behind this area can be encapsulated in two words: 'Students' Choice'. It does not depend on fixed elements put by the staff, but rather the students' design of their own study area. They will find tables, chairs, and dividers in the room to create their own zone.

Information Literacy Skills: Two rooms are designed for classes to provide sessions on how to search for information in databases, how to search in the library catalogue, how to make a citation in the research, and how to use Turnitin. The rooms also include PCs for practice.

Café: which provides drinks, chairs, and sofas to socialise and read newspapers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Exhibition Area: to display paintings, photographs, or any other form of the arts.

This floor also contains general reference materials only (e.g. dictionaries and encyclopedias).

This floor is already opened and in function.



First Floor

Group Study Rooms: similar to the lower floor, this floor provides 11 group-study rooms which include network connections, screens, and tables of different sizes.

Quiet Study Area: this floor provides a relatively quiet study area with low noise levels.

Subjects in this floor currently cover all the areas until the other 2 floors are opened.

This floor is already opened and in function.




Second Floor

This is a totally silent area where talking is prohibited.

Study Carrels: in this floor, 10 study carrels will be devoted to postgraduate researchers who wish to be isolated in a small and silent area. Network connection facilities will be available inside the carrels.

Individual Audio Visuals: for users who wish to listen to music or watch DVDs alone using headphones.

A Small Cinema: this will fit 38 users. In addition, it will be a good place to watch movies provided by the library. There will be a regularly announced screening programme and a system for group bookings.

This floor is scheduled to open in the academic year 2015/2016.

All floors will contain:

Enquiry Desks: each will be manned by two library staff members, who will answer any enquiries related to information search and references.

Photocopy and printing facilities: these will be available in the Ground and Lower floors.

Cultural activities: the new library will be a good place for providing cultural activities, which will include meeting with authors, poets, or other famous figures who share common interests with the BUE community