The University is pleased to announce that the new University Library building comprising ground floor and floor 1 is now open. This is phase 1 of the building. The Library service now consists of 2 floors in this building plus the retention of the library group study areas around the university.

The extent of the services made available now is transformational. The new Library situated (between the ICS and the Pharmacy Buildings) is a splendid, attractive and welcoming quality environment in which the student learning and research experience is truly enhanced and enriched. The building has been designed to offer a rich variety of flexible space from silent to collaborative and interactive group study space for learning, teaching and research matching the varying needs of the University community. Sophisticated technological support, including a high level of pcs, is underpinning the learning process especially offering access to sources of world-wide information including a wide range of online research databases.

The services available immediately

The main features of the Library service now available in the new building are:

  • The choice of a wide range of flexible group study spaces from informal seating in the café to relaxing seating for leisurely reading, through to bookable group rooms adjacent to the material to interactive areas where the group study arrangement can be decided by the students arranging the layout to best suit their interaction
  • The wide choice of individual seating in quiet and silent areas
  • Availability of numerous pcs both in open access areas and in dedicated rooms enabling access to world-wide information both in open areas and in rooms
  • Serviced library enquiry desks on each floor
  • Enhanced printing and photocopying services
  • Dedicated I.T. support service
  • The improved choice of book stock and access to a comprehensive range of electronic databases either on campus or off campus
  • Two specially equipped rooms to help student acquire specialist information skills for the electronic age
  • A dedicated room in which cultural events can be held
  • An exhibition area where paintings or other fine arts can be shown throughout the year


Additional services available in the coming months

This is only the beginning as Phase 2 is underway and a further 2 floors are being fitted out to complete the new Library building. This will come on stream by 1st September 2015 at the latest. The Library will then be fully at the leading edge and will compare favourably with University Libraries in UK.

The Library will underpin and enhance the teaching, learning and research experience of the student. It will offer equality of access to all who use it.

The Library with the completion of Phase 2 will then also have in addition:

  • The further increased choice of group study rooms
  • The choice of study places either individual or in silent open areas which will be especially valuable for research students
  • A graduated approach to designing noise in and designing noise out so that most noise will be permitted on ground floor and no noise on floor 2
  • Availability of further pcs.
  • An area designed for audio visual use and the equivalent of a small cinema space
  • More serviced library enquiry desks on the 2 additional floors
  • A room designed for special collections
  • A careers library to assist with future employability
  • A learning support unit to assist students who might want additional help

The image of a traditional and somewhat limited traditional Library as only a storehouse of books, tables and chairs has been transformed at BUE into one of an integrated, seamless, state-of the-art, flexible Library.


The Library has a rich collection of relevant books and journals. The total collection is approximately 31000 volumes, 250000 E-Books and bundles of E-Journals.


The Library services at BUE are provided to students, staff & faculty members to support the learning, research and teaching activities. Most of our services can be obtained through an assigned website which reflects the Library physical entity in the digital era. You will find hereunder more details about the services availability and procedures: