Wadouda Badran  

Professor Wadouda Badran

Dean of BAEPS


  • Email: wadouda.badran@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: G
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1030
  • Education History:

    Ph.D. degree in Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, 1981

    Major: International Relations

    Minors: International History

    Comparative Politics

    MA Political Science, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, Cairo University, 1973

    B.Sc. Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, 1968

    High School Diploma, American College for Girls, Cairo, Egypt, 1964

  • Bio:

    Professor Wadouda Badran is Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, the British University in Egypt. She is on secondment from Cairo University, where she is a Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Political Science. At Cairo University Professor Badran was the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, during the period (1995-2001). Her research related activities and publications include enhancing women participation in politics, American studies, the EEC and Egypt, middle east politics and research methods.

    Professor Badran was the Egyptian Cultural Counselor in the UK during the period (2001-2003). In this capacity she administrated the Egyptian educational missions programme and organised an annual Egyptian cultural programme in the UK, which included various events on ancient and modern Egypt.

    During the period (2003-2013) Professor Badran was the first Director General of the Arab Women Organisation (an intergovernmental organisation under the umbrella of the League of Arab States). In her capacity as Director General she organised and supervised the organisation's annual programme which aimed at empowering Arab women and building their capacities to promote progress of Arab societies, raising awareness of the necessity of engaging women as equal partners in social development and coordinating Arab efforts in order to foster women empowerment and to elevate awareness of their vital role in society

    In 2006 Professor Badran was decorated by H.E. Zen el- Abideen Bin Ali, the former President of Tunisia, and by Her Royal Highness Princess, Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al-Khalifa to honor her efforts to enhance the status of Arab Women.

    In 2013, Professor Wadouda Badran became a Consultant to the Supreme Council of the Arab Women Organization.

  • Fields of Interest:

    International Relations

    Gender Studies

  • Modules:

    Courses taught include Theory of International Relations, International Politics of the Middle East, Development, Research Methodology

  • Research projects:

    Supervisor, Program of Enhancing Women Participation in Politics, Faculty of

    Economics and Political Science, Cairo University1995 – 2001

    Coordinator American Studies Program, Centre for Political Research and Studies, Cairo University1994- 2001

    Coordinator, the EEC and Egypt, Research Project. Centre for Political Research and

    Studies, Cairo University1991 - 1993

    Coordinator, Research Methodology Training Project, Centre for Political Research and Studies, Cairo University (activities included preparing scientific material, recruiting candidates from different research institutes in Egypt and Sudan, designing and administering research methodology seminars, coordinating annual research methodology conference) 1986 - 1991

  • Responsibilities:

    Admin Responsibilities

    Admin Responsibilities as Dean at BUE

    To lead the development and monitoring of the Faculty's strategic aims and objectives, and related policies, within the context of the University's vision and mission

    · To ensure the implementation of the University's strategies and policies within the Faculty

    · To provide executive leadership to, and line-manage, the Faculty Heads of Department

    · To develop, implement and monitor a Faculty organisational structure that is consistent with the University's requirements

    · To lead the continual development of the Faculty

    · To undertake short-term, mid-range and long-term planning to ensure that the Faculty continues to fulfill its mission

    · To oversee all programmes offered by the Faculty, including all aspects of curriculum development, evaluation of existing programmes and modules, and development of new programmes and modules that are relevant to the community

    · To ensure the adoption of UK and Egyptian academic standards and quality assurance practices in learning and teaching throughout the Faculty

    · To nominate the Vice-Dean(s) for the Faculty

    · To appoint academic and related staff as delegated by the President

    · To agree academic staff development and evaluation, working with department chairs in guiding and mentoring full-time and part-time staff, participating in the promotion process, and the dismissal of staff

    · To teach at least one module per year appropriate to his/her training and experience.

    · To identify, support and evaluate of departmental chairs

    · To work closely with the Faculty team to conceptualise and implement programmes that are inter-professional and interdisciplinary in nature

    · To work collaboratively with academic staff on the development of a shared vision for the Faculty and on the planning, development and implementation of the curriculum

    · To monitor and guide the Faculty in responding to and meeting external regulations and requirements for validation, accreditation, and programme approval

    · To oversee educational, internship and other related field experiences

    · To chair the Faculty Board

    · To identify, develop and oversee collaborative agreements

    · To meet with students in a variety of fora, to assess strengths and challenges for students in their academic and professional lives, initiating and developing opportunities for students' intellectual and professional development, to complement and extend their preparation for practice

    · To develop relationships and represent the Faculty with industry, the local community and national and international agencies and organisations.

    · To provide strong leadership and support in student recruitment and retention efforts

    · To promote the University, both nationally and internationally

    · To oversee the University's sustained UK Validation

    · To implement quality assurance standards, to ensure unambiguous equivalence with British university qualifications

    · To be overall responsible for health and safety in their Faculties and Departments

    · To ensure that the University provides an academic environment which is attractive to high calibre staff and appealing to students of high potential across the range of programmes of study available

    · To undertake other duties as reasonably may be required by the President or Vice-Presidents.


List of Publications

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List of Publications

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IV Articles (in English)

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