Mutual Cooperation between the Center and the Committee of Research and Post-Graduate studies of the Faculty of BAEPS, holding a Series of Seminars for Research Presentation on the level of the Faculty of BAEPS

Promotion of leading edge research: including collaborative and interdisciplinary research using the excessive capital knowledge of BUE’ lecturers as well as the TA’s and the students. In order to reach the goal of academic discussion among staff members, the Research and Post graduate Committee of the Faculty of BAEPS, in collaboration with the Center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy hosts a series of Scientific Seminars. The first one was done last year and the Second seminar took place on Sunday November 5th, 2017, and the third one was launched on March 4th, 2018. These seminars are organized to explore new venues of academic exchange and foster intellectual debate in the faculty. The aim of these seminars is to develop in-depth discussion of recent academic publications as well as topics of MA or PhD dissertations. The most recent one was a presentation of the most recent PhD holder Thesis. It aimed to investigate the relationship between official development assistance (ODA) and growth in Egypt by using annual data for the period from 1975 to 2015. The thesis assumed that ODA levels has an impact on economic growth through effects on other variables that in turn affect growth, namely savings, investment, and trade.