Embracing different cultures at the workplace: Japanese vs Egyptian culture at Toshiba El Araby Group

The Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy  (CIGGE) has been always looking for bridging the opportunities of exchange and communication between the British University in Egypt and several industries and companies in the employment market.  Since Japan has become a leading country in the global industry and is highly present in the Egyptian working place under different entities, therefore, The  Research Center “CIGGE” in collaboration with the faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS) invited a renowned Industry representative on Campus: Mr. Takeshi Yano, Operation Manager and a Member of Board of Executive in Toshiba El Araby Group  to give a lecture on Thursday 07.12.2017 from 12:00-2:00 at building G-LH4. The lecture provided insights into how to embrace different cultures at the workplace with the aim of preparing our future students to acquire different employability skills and encourage them to learn different potentials in preparing them to deal with cultural  diversity in the workplace.
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