The US Embassy’s Political Councillor

Date: 25th of October 2016

Location: Arts Building, Classroom 3. Building H, Classroom 206

Guest: Mr. Eric Gizalus

Topic: United States Domestic and Foreign Policies.

Description:  The visit was organized by Dr. Michael Mulligan, a lecturer in the Political Science Department. Mr. Gizalus started of the session by defining the main role of a diplomat, and the controversy behind the position. He stated that his job is to represent the foreign policy of the United States no matter how unpopular it is. He discussed the impact of 9/11 on the US foreign policy and the diplomats abroad. He also assessed the impact of the JASTA on US-Saudi relations. Additionally, he examined the US-Israeli relations. Mr. Gizalus also analysed the complicated dynamics of the Elections’ system and third parties in the US.


Module Leaders:

Dr. Michael Mulligan

Dr. Moritz Mihatsch

Dr. Rasha Mansour


Teaching Assistants:

Lara Mikhail

Amena Mohamed

Fatimah Aiyad

Reem El-Barbary

Aliyah Tarek

Doaa Nounou

Karim Abdoun

Omar Abou Baker