Centre for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy

The University Board has approved the establishment of the

                  "Centre for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy"

 Brief Description and Purpose of the Centre

Within the Faculty many of the issues currently facing Egypt and the Region are common to all three departments and can be viewed from different Business, Economic and Political perspectives. Hence it is possible to identify research themes and projects that can be studied, and would benefit, from different perspectives. Within the broad remit of the Centre, there will be a number of broad research themes that will embrace several specific research projects, and it will be directed by Dr. Samaa Attia.

Egypt and the MENA Region would be the “research laboratory” for the Centre  though it is anticipated that the Centre’s work would have considerably wider application, particularly through research collaboration with international partners. While the Centre would become the formal focus and vehicle for research in the Faculty, the work of individual scholars whose research did not fall with the Centre’s remit would not be discouraged or disadvantaged.