On February 19th, Sir Geoffrey Adams, British Ambassador to Egypt, visited the Political Science Department, BUE. His Excellency gave a lecture in the auditorium on Brexit and the future of Europe. All political science cohorts and members of academic staff were present. The lecture was followed by a questions and answers session, whereby the students had the chance to question his Excellency on multiple relevant issues.
erman Ambassador to Egypt, his Excellency Julius Georg Luy, during his visit to the British University in Egypt, on March 10th, 2019 discussed the goals and challenges of German-Egyptian cooperation in various developmental fields. In his talk, he has given special attention to the importance of waste management, water security and irrigation in connection to ongoing economic and international relations issues as the new focus of cooperation with Egyptian government. He also shed the light on the crucial role and commitment of Egypt in mediating conflicts in the region. After the discussion of the several new developmental and trade-related agreements between Germany and Egypt, the Political Science Department’s students were given the floor to share questions and comments.
The Secretary General of the Arab League, His Excellency Ahmed Abu ElGheit along with a delegation from the league visited the university. The purpose of this visit was to give a lecture on the historical development of Arab League in the Middle East in light of the fast developments taking place in the region. During the lecture, His Excellency discussed the different challenges and obstacles faced by the organization as well as the active role it plays in conflict resolution, regional stability and peace realization. He also heavily emphasized on the importance of education and supporting youth which the Arab League is very keen on doing through the summer training opportunities offered to students annually which generations of former and current BUE students have been taking part of and participating in through Model Arab League (MAL) headed by students from the Political Science Department.
As part of the political science departmental blended learning strategy, the Arab- Israeli Conflict teaching team, organized a field trip to Panorama 6th October on Monday 11th of March. Mr. Michael Mulligan, Ms, Aida Yehia, and Ms. Gina Wael also joined the team and the students in the trip. It consisted of a guided tour of the place exploring and displaying the historical moment of the 1973 October War. The students had the chance to learn more about the military strategies, consequences, and aftermath of the Egyptian victory.
The BUE every year sends a group of its students and teaching assistances from the economics department to University of Hamburg in Germany to join it is 4 weeks behavioural economics summer school scholarship that introduce courses about fundamentals of behavioural economics theory, field experiments and STATA. It is an Arab German exchange program, where there are students from other Arab countries like Lebanon, Tunisia and Syria. This year, 3 of our economics department teaching assistances Ms Sara El-Bakry, Ms Yasmine Abd El-Fatah and Ms Safiya Galal together with the top of the economic class for year 2 student Salma Rizk were sent to Hamburg’s University summer school. This Summer School is a stepping stone towards developing the academic career and personal skills of its students together with its TAs. Starting with the academic career, this summer school helped our students to build up upon all the traditional ideologies of the economy and reshape them to fit such modern era, where human behaviour is a very promising field to study. This summer school opened hordes of doors to them with regard the knowhow of experimental fields and made me gain more academic knowledge about the origins of behavioural economics. Additionally, it paves the way in the future plan to apply for post-graduate studies at University of Hamburg in the field of Economics and Psychology. Secondly, joining this year’s summer school helped them a lot in developing and building their character. It opened up their eyes to new culture, new people, and new opportunities. It will helped them enhancing their teamwork skills, independency, responsibility and commitment together with building bridges with friends abroad and exchanging cultures. It was also of a great entertainment, as our students are taken for a touristic tour in Germany, especially Berlin tour, where they were introduced to the German Parliament and its History. It was a life changing experience that we gladly supply for our students in order to bridge what they take in the academic life with reality.