My Journey to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

BUE Alumnus Mr. Ahmed Aransho met with colleagues and students at the Faculty of Business Administration Economics and Political Science at the BUE to share his experience on preparing for the Foreign Ministry exams.


Trumpian America

The Political Science Department held a seminar on March 3rd 2019, in collaboration with Al Ahram’s International Relations Magazine (مجلة السياسة الدولية). The panel that consisted of Mr. Nagi Kamha, Political Science Professor from Cairo University, Mr. Ezzat Ibrahim, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Weekly and Former Washington Correspondent, His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Anis Salem, Professor Amani Massoud, Associate Professor Gamal Selim, Dr. Nikolaos Nikolakakis, Dr. Nora Maher from the Political Science Department at The British University in Egypt. The speakers discussed the impact of Donald Trump’s policies on domestic and international politics in light of the current developments inside and outside the United States. In the American political scene, the panel examined the extent of influence that Trump’s populism and right-wing politics has on the political culture as well as polarizing effect it resulted in within the political institutions in the United States. In terms of international relations, particular attention was given to Trump’s policies in the Middle East and specifically pertaining to the Palestinian question and the Arab Israeli Conflict.


Leading Sustainable Strategic Change

Associate professor, Zeinab Shawky Younis  Director of the Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy and Associate Professor of Public Administration, Business Department at the BAEPS Faculty, acquired a certificate of excellence in “ Leading Sustainable Strategic Change”, from The Schulich Executive Education Center, York University, Toronto, Canada from 24-28, September 2018.

The workshop program was an in class learning along with online reading material, live simulations and pre-work assignments to each session. The simulation was assigned and prepared by Experience point company consultancy to assess the strategic change needed at Global Tech Canada.

The new intake of the course was about how to sustain organisational change, embrace and implement it with all the challenges on the way of its application. The course attended was from 24-28 September, 2018 and it was an excellent opportunity of networking for leveraging the BUE image in North America. Moreover, it helped in increasing the opportunities of linkage between industry and academia on international level at this point of staff career at BUE.

Arab League Internship 2018

In the summer period 2018, students Feras ElShawarby, Mohamed Sakr, and Omar Zein from the British University in Egypt, interned at the League of Arab States. The programme consisted of workshops on presentation skills based on the “Bridge” curriculum, discussions between trainees and employees, and field work unders the guidance of the officers of the various departments. The three students were relatively allocated to the Observation and Crisis room, Administration of International Organizations, and Administration of the two Americas.

Furthermore, one of the reports written by the BUE students was sent to the Secretary General, and given as an example on how to write a report for the rest of the trainees. The interns also joined the preparations of the Arab League’s Youth Forum, where the trainees travelled to Alexandria to a camp owned by the Arab Academy. The students took part in the translation committee; translating from Arabic to English and French.

Moreover, they were responsible for the management of meetings and collection of suggestions for the organization of the third League of Arab States Integrated Model. The students represented the BUE in the forum presenting their model’s project of the past two years; also moderating the Economics session. In addition to the previous group project, the students also presented two different individual projects discussing the possible ways for cooperation between Arabs in different sectors.

Finally, the interns are currently part of a team working on establishing an advisory council of youth for the UN's Sustainable development vision of 2030; in cooperation with the Arab League Administration for Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Planning, and the Arab Academy.


In August, three of our faculty's academic staff; associate professor Rania Miniesy and Ms. Dina Rabie from Economics and associate professor Mohamed Rashwan from Business  went for a week's workshop in Hamburg on advanced experimental economics.  This was in accordance with the memory of understanding (MOU) between the Economics department and the Faculty of Law at the University of Hamburg.  Whilst in Hamburg, the academic staff also met with the head of the experimental lab and another MOU will soon be signed to construct a state of the art experimental lab at the BUE, which is expected to be the hub for experimental economists interested in the Middle East.