Global Trends To Achieve Sustainable Development in Ports

As a collaboration between the Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy (CIGGE), and the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science at the British University in Egypt and the Port Training Institute at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in Alexandria, a workshop has been held on 30 April 2018 under the title of “Global Trends To Achieve Sustainable Development in Ports”.

Dr. Zeinab Nawar provided a session titled “Sustainability, Green Economy and the Maritime”, in which it mainly explained the environmental problems for the maritime and the international trends to deal with them through the Green Economy concept.

Noha Abdelrahman provided a session titled “The Assurance of Sustainability Reporting: An Extra Fee or A Guarantee”, in which it discussed the importance of the sustainability reporting in the measurement of corporate sustainability performance and achievement of sustainability objectives.

Erasmus+ Agreement: Katowice,Poland 2018:" International week

Professor Maged George Iskander Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate studies and Associate Professor, Zeinab Shawky Younis, Director of the Research Center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy represented the Business Department, Faculty of  of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science in BUE in the International Week that was held from 23-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 at the University of Economics, Katowice in Poland. The International exchange week has been running between BUE and the University of Economics in Katowice since two years as a part of the ERASMUS+ Agreement signed between the two institutions. The experience was great as an added value for the BUE' exposure and internationalization, it was also an excellent opportunity of networking and academic exchange of knowledge between staff members and faculty professors across the globe. A new venue of inter-institutional collaboration and cultural diplomacy was developed as a result of this visit.


Professor Moira Clark, Henley Business School, Visit to the BUE

The Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy invited to the BAEPS faculty Professor: Moira Clark Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management. Professor Moira serves as a consultant to a number of leading UK and international companies. She is a frequent keynote speaker at many public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world. She has researched and published widely on the subject of relationship marketing, customer experience and service excellence. Prof. Moira had the chance to share her experience with both our students in the International Marketing Module and staff members of the faculty, and it was a great opportunity of collaboration and networking between both centers.


Overview of Egypt’s Non-Banking Financial Services

On Sunday 1st of April 2018, A session has been organized by the Finance specialism and conducted by an external guest speaker; Mr. Sherif Samy who is a senior executive and advisor in the areas of investment, capital markets, financial inclusion, regulation, corporate governance and management restructure as well as a Former Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and Board Member of the Central Bank of Egypt. This session discussed a general overview of Egypt’s Non-Banking Financial Services that clearly provided great insights about Egypt’s rapidly developing capital market, insurance, financial leasing, factoring, mortgage and microfinance as well as the role of the Financial Regulatory Authority. Attendees’ feedback about the session: Based on the feed backs of many students who attended this session, it was quite beneficial and full of essential and well-structured content that would definitely help the students with the development of their future careers and corporate world. The session was rich with the needed information and it lasted for two whole hours from 2 pm to 4 pm.


Staff Development Session by Dr. Zeinab Younis Associate Professor BAEPS, in the Engineering Faculty

Dr. Zeinab Younis from the Business department was kindly invited to give a staff development session on “Leadership skills and attributes” in the Engineering Faculty. The lecture took place on Thursday 29th of March, 2018 Building A- Meeting room 118 from 11-1pm. It was a great opportunity for networking between the faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science and the faculty of Engineering and an Interactive way of opening new venues of cooperation in the future.