BAEPS Summer Programme at LSBU

BAEPS Summer Programme at LSBU

The Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS) organized with its counterparts at London South Bank University LSBU) a two-week summer Programme in London at the LSBU premises in July 2018.  The Programme was for degree year 2 students in the Business Administration and the Political Science Departments. Students attended an intensive 20 credits Programme amounting to 48 hours of teaching; these are credits taken in advance from the curriculum of degree year 3.  The Business Administration students attended the Research Methods 2 Module (20 credits); the Political Science students attended the European Union module (10 credits) and the Special Topics in Comparative Politics module (10 credits).   The teaching which took place at LSBU, was interactive in nature and was delivered by several distinguished LSBU professors.  In addition, the Business Administration students learnt practical skills like the basics of statistical packages like SPSS, STATA and NVivo.  The Political Science students had a special visit to the British Parliament, where they had the opportunity to interact and have a hands on understanding and experience of the structure and processes of this important political entity.   Assessments for these modules are developed and marked by the same professors who delivered the modules at LSBU.  The marks will be added to the students’ 2018-19 transcripts. Overall, students had a positive educational and cultural experience, where they were exposed to different learning techniques and environments and were able to make new British and International friends and acquaintances.  


Outstanding Research Paper Award

The International Academy for Business and Economics IABE granted dr. Zeinab Shawky Younis  Associate Professor in the Business department and the Director for the Research center of Innovation, Governance and Green Economy , faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, the British University in Egypt, the Best Paper Award in the conference in the Munich 2018 - Summer Conference on the Perspectives of Agile Management and Agile organisations. Dr. Younis was the key note speaker in the opening session presentation under the the title of “ The Management of Strategic Agility Policy: Reflections on the Exponential style of leadership in Turbulent Times”. The paper is published in the Academic journal:” International Journal of Strategic Management” IJSM volume 18, Number 1, 2018. The conference was a great opportunity of networking and exchange of cultural diplomacy between different universities and professors worldwide. Moreover it was a great opportunity to leverage the BUE image and help in its internationalization. The IABE is a holder of more than 12 peer reviewed Academic  journals of more than 20 editions worldwide. This year summer conference in Munich was held at the Social Science institute at the heart of Munich city. The Award was presented to Associate Professor, dr. Zeinab Shawky Younis by the Vice President of the Academy IABE, Mr. Marius Gavriletea.

Professor Maged George Iskander Vice Dean for Research and Postgraduate studies and Associate Professor, Zeinab Shawky Younis, Director of the Research Center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy represented the Business Department, Faculty of  of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science in BUE in the International Week that was held from 23-04-2018 to 29-04-2018 at the University of Economics, Katowice in Poland. The International exchange week has been running between BUE and the University of Economics in Katowice since two years as a part of the ERASMUS+ Agreement signed between the two institutions. The experience was great as an added value for the BUE' exposure and internationalization, it was also an excellent opportunity of networking and academic exchange of knowledge between staff members and faculty professors across the globe. A new venue of inter-institutional collaboration and cultural diplomacy was developed as a result of this visit.

As a collaboration between the Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy (CIGGE), and the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science at the British University in Egypt and the Port Training Institute at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) in Alexandria, a workshop has been held on 30 April 2018 under the title of “Global Trends To Achieve Sustainable Development in Ports”.

Dr. Zeinab Nawar provided a session titled “Sustainability, Green Economy and the Maritime”, in which it mainly explained the environmental problems for the maritime and the international trends to deal with them through the Green Economy concept.

Noha Abdelrahman provided a session titled “The Assurance of Sustainability Reporting: An Extra Fee or A Guarantee”, in which it discussed the importance of the sustainability reporting in the measurement of corporate sustainability performance and achievement of sustainability objectives.
Associate professor, Zeinab Younis, Business department represented the British University in Egypt in the 7th Marlog conference in Alexandria from 18-20 of March, 2018. Her presentation title was: “Innovation in Ports’ Managerial Styles: Separating State Ownership from Administrative Management “. The conference was directed under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation and the ARAB League. Organized by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. The conference ran for three days in cooperation with Staffordshire university in UK, Suez Canal Authority, SCZone, and Valenciaport Foundation in Spain.