AUC-BUE staff development exchange programme



The English Department at the BUE successfully held Staff Development Workshops in an exchange programme with the AUC.

The programme included two scheduled exchange days; the first was hosted by the English Department, BUE on the April, 26th, 2015. AUC staff members were invited to give two workshops on 'Maximising pronunciation practice through blended learning', and 'Improving the Content Component in Students' Essays'.

The second exchange day was hosted by The English Language Institute, AUC on April, 28th, 2015. BUE staff members were invited to give two hands on workshops on 'Integrating Technology in Communicative and Interactive Learning via Socrative,' and 'Using Educanon to Create Interactive Quizzes'.

The sessions were successful and enjoyable. The participants were engaged in a range of challenging activities and discussions of professional topics.