Honoured Students - Semester 1 2014-2015

The English Department staff members are happy and honored to acknowledge the academic excellence of the following students. They have set the best example as university students with their active course participation, independence, and zeal to learn.

Advanced Writing

Tarniem Sameh Emil  124578  Faculty of BAEPS/Pols/ Degree Y1   
 Abanoub Mourad Morco  121471  Faculty of ENGIN/MECH/ Degree Y  
Maryse Ihab Samaan  121834  Faculty of BAEPS/BSTD/ Degree Y1  



Abeer Ashraf Mohammed Mojahed 136264 Faculty of ICS/CSCE/Prep Y  
Mohamed Kamel Ahmed Ahmed Hussein 136103 Faculty of DENT/DENT/Deg Y1  
Rim Mahmoud Abdel Rahmen 134967 Faculty of PHRM/PHRM/Deg Y1  
Saeed Samir Ibrahim 137445 Faculty of ENGIN/GEEN/Prep Y  
Ziad Hossam Mustafa Aburayya 131855 Faculty of DENT/DENT/Deg Y1  
Kirolous Emad Abdallah 135725 Faculty of DENT/DENT/Deg Y1  
Omar Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed Eissa 139027 Faculty of BAEPS/BSTD/BSTD/Prep Y  
Salma Mohammed Maher Osman 131370 Faculty of ENGIN/GEEN/Prep Y  
Sarah Samir Ibrahim Saleh 128779 Faculty of BAEPS/BSTD/BSTD/Prep Y  
Yasmine Ahmed Abdel Moneam El Sudany 134336 Faculty of BAEPS/BSTD/BSTD/Prep Y  


Upper Intermediate

Fatma Ahmed Hussein  136917  Faculty of Engineering   
Salma Ashraf Said 129348 Faculty of Dentistry  
Abanoub Emile Hesham 127797 Faculty of Engineering  
Rania Mohamed Hassan 129837 Faculty of Communication  


Intermediate II

Moustafa Ahmed Fouad El-Sayed 134420 Faculty of ENGIN/GEEN/Prep Y  
Sara Nabil Fouad Abdelaziz 138302 Faculty of NURS/NURS/Deg Y2  
Dana Hossam Ahmed AlaaElDin Elzohairy 139236 Faculty of COMM/COMM/Prep Y  
Yara Samy Abdel Halim Hassan 135564 Faculty of PHRM/Deg Y1  
Samira Maher Shoura Mahmoud Khalifa 134920 Faculty of ENGIN/Prep Y  


Intermediate I

Merna Atif Ali Ali 128024  Faculty of Dent/Dent/Deg Y1   
Saher Said Abdel Samee 138000 Faculty of Pharm/Phrm/Deg Y1  
Omar Hassan Sadek 134168 Faculty of Engin/GEEN/Prep Y  
Mohamed Mostafa Mahmoud 131912  Faculty of ICS/CSCE/Prep Y