mona1 Name: Shehab Ashour
Major: Information Systems
Story: I graduated from the British University in Egypt class of 2015 with a Computer Science degree. My time at BUE was the most critical as I have learned all the basic skills needed to excel at my career path. Not only did I gain technical knowledge and information, but also soft skills which were my guide to the right track. I am currently working as a Delivery Specialist at EMC² and applying all that I learned in my position. 
Quote: “All your hard work and everything you do at this moment, is preparing you for a moment that is to come.


Name: Ahmed Walid 
Major: Information Systems
Story: I am computer science graduate class 2013, after high school I was not sure of which field I really want to study. I was totally confused between computer science and engineering; it goes to the university staff who guided me to the right way. I have acquired a lot of skills, besides the good quality of education I got, and as a result of that I was one of the top students among my class. After graduation I spent one year as a teaching assistant, this duration has affected me and my skills in different levels positively. Yet I am currently working as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Valeo Egypt, which counted as one of the leading automotive companies worldwide, BUE was one of the main contributors that qualified me to work for such a leading company. 
Quote: “Learn how to think, not what to think.


Name: Fady Fawzy
Major: Computer Science 
Story:  I am a computer science graduate from the British University in Egypt class 2016. When I first joined the BUE I didn't know anything about programming but I was put into the right track by my professors and then I spent most of my college years building myself so I can be eligible for the work life afterwards. Now I work at IBM and I've my own startup. Invest time and effort in yourself and you won't be disappointed by the results.
Quote: “You can do anything by perseverance, dedication and hard work. Do not ever lose faith in yourself.


Name: Amr Hesham 
Major: Computer Science 
Story: I graduated from the faculty of ICS in 2013 and started to work as a demonstrator right away. Almost a year later, I decided to seek new challenges in the automotive industry by pursuing a career at one of the big names in the automotive technology industry, Valeo. Today I have been working at Valeo, as a software engineer, for more than 2 years and I am proud to say I have helped shaping the future of automotive technology. I have worked on the autonomous driving and automatic parking technologies with major German manufacturers such as VW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti and Seat. The next time you see a driverless Audi cruising next to you, be proud as part of the team who made this possible was educated at the BUE. 
Quote: “Find the master. Follow the master. Become the master."


Name: Ahmed El-Ghotmy 
Major: Information Systems 
Story: I graduated from BUE faculty of computer science in 2013. 4 years of hard work, team work and commitment. It's all about the passion of learning whatever prepares you well to enter the market. It was a short journey at BUE, yet a very fruitful one. I now work at Valeo as a software quality engineer & to be honest, it is not only about applying what you have learned in BUE, but it's also pending on the faith inside you to achieve your goals whatever the cost is. 
Quote: “Just follow your passion and stay true to yourself.


Name: Pola Girgis Shenouda
Major: Computer Networks
Story: I'm a computer Networks Graduate from the British University in Egypt class 2015. I Knew Programming before going to the university but never practiced it. So i wanted to know it more and i did when i joined BUE. Anyone can join any department he wants but you have to be in a challenging position to work hard and Achieve your goals. I was rewarded as the Honor student in Computer Networks department because i knew i could make it. And working as a Network Specialist in an International Company Called Guest-Tek.
Quote: "Be confident that you can, Just work harder and you'll reach what you are dreaming about."

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