Dear Prospective Applicant,

BUE admission requirements comply fully with the regulations set by the Egyptian Council of Private Universities (CPU). Admission is competitive in which applicants with top scores are considered in the first place.Applicant's English Level is one of the most important requirements for joining the University.We wish you success in your education and life.

1. Online Application

  • Applicants should complete an online application form
  • Applicants will receive an email with a BUE ID number and details of the admission process.
2. Select Programme of study
  • When fill in the application form; applicants must select two choices of the offered programmes.
  • Selecting only one choice will lead  the applicant to miss the chance to change the selected programme.
  •  Applicant who fail to meet the first choice entry requirements will be automatically transferred to the second choice programme.   

3. BUE English Language Requirements

  • All applicants except the holders of international high school certificates are requested to complete either the BUE English  Test (Aptis) or submit a vaild academci IELTS certificate.

For applicants who are interested in taking BUE Aptis Test

Aptis test is delivered and supervised by The British Council in Egypt and held in BUE Campus. Please find the below link. it is a candidate guideline to the English Aptis Test. To ensure that you are familiar with the test you can complete a practice test before your test date. The link to the practice test is The test only includes the following components:

Aptis Grammar & Vocabulary Practice Test

.Aptis Reading Practice Test.

Aptis Listening Practice Test.

For applicants who completed IELTS successfully ;

If you have a valid academic IELTS Test with a minimum score of 6.0 (not taken before January 2016), it is acceptable as an alternate to the BUE English Test. Please send a scanned copy of IELTS certificate to

4.. Submission of provisional documents

Applicants must submit copies of the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Six passport-size photos
  3. Applicant & legal guardian's National ID

In addition, applicants must submit the provisional documents according to their high school certificate:

Egyptian Thanawya Amma

- Thanawya Amma seat numbers ( once it is issued)

American High School Diploma

- SAT user name & password

- Copy of the school GPA transcript


- Results of exams previously taken

Saudi Arabia Thanawya Amma

- Saudi Arabian second & third year secondary school certificate

- Assessment test results  امتحان القدرات

Other High School Certificates

- High school results

5. Final acceptance

  • Final acceptance is in three phases according to the scores set by the Council of Private & National Universities CPU
  • BUE ranks all applicants by final scores
  • Applicants who have met the requirements, and who have also completed the admission steps 1 to 3 (see above), will be sent a conditional offer email
  • Applicants must confirm their place by the specified deadline outlined in the conditional offer email by:
  • Submitting the required original documentation
  • Paying the tuition fees using the payment slip from the BUE Admission Department

* Applicants who successfully complete the registration process will receive a BUE ID card and a BUE E-mail account

* Applicants who fail to complete the registration process by the due date may fail to secure a place.