Military Education Programme  - Summer Session 2019

The BUE organizes Military Education Programme sessions for its enrolled students. Military Education Programme is one of graduation & progression requirements based on the Ministry of High Education’s decision.

Group Studnets

Theoretical Session

Practical  Session

In gathering of several international universities, the BUE Admission Office participated in Najah International Educational Exhibition – Abu Dhabi. The Exhibition held on 31st of October 2018 till 02nd of September 2018 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center.

In the framework of the University's interest to appreciate & reward its staff members for efforts as well as professional performance showed in completing assigned tasks; Prof. Ahmed Hamad, BUE President has thankfully appreciated & rewarded the BUE staff members who have contributed in the University’s success.

Student Affairs Staff members have been appreciated for their efforts exerted in 2018

The ceremony attended by Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis, BUE Chairman of Board of Trustees, Deans of Faculties, Professors and Administrative staff members

Selected photos of Students Affairs staff members:

1. Mr. Talaat Bondok 

Director of Admission & Student Affairs

2. Mr. Hussien Fathi

3. Mr. Tarek Shaheen

4. Mr. Amer Araby

5. Mr. Emad Mohsen
Admission Specialist

6. Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim
Admission Specialist

7. Mrs. Somaia Mahmoud

8. Mr. Ahmed Hamdy
Senior Coordinator

9. Mrs. Zainb Hamdy
Senior Coordinator

10. Mr. Sayed Ali
Senior Support