Admission Office’s Responsibilities

  1. Implementing and following the admission regulations set by the Egyptian supreme Council of Private & National Universities, considering  the minimum grade of acceptance, the target figures of the applicants in each faculty annually.
  2. Registering the University’s applicants (internal and external transferred) at the Admission Office of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.
  3. Participating in the educational exhibitions and the external marketing campaigns.
  4. Arranging the necessary procedures of the English Placement Test for the applicants
  5. Coordinating with the concerned departments of the University to solve the students' problems.
  6. Providing the University departments with information and statistics related to the University students.

Student Affairs Office’s Responsibilities

  1. Military Postponement Service for the enrolled students..
  2. Producing the official enrollment certificates that the student may need to submit it for the official proposes.
  3. Communicating with the students to inform them any information concerning the academic, administrative or finical affairs.
  4. Updating the student database record              


Administrative Structure of the Student Affairs and Admission Office

Mr. Talaat Bondok



Mr. Mohamed Abdulla

Head Assistant

Undergraduate Admission &Student Affairs

Ext: 1309

 Mr. Hussein Fathi



 Mr. Tarek Shaheen



Mr. Amr El-Tamy


Ext: 1319

 Mr. Emad Mohsen

Admission Specialist for:

 Progression Routes of International Students

 The Faculties of Computer Science and Nursing

Ext: 1317

 Mr. Amer Araby

Senior Admission Specialist for:

the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, Political Scenic

Ext: 1328

 Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim

Admission Coordinator for:

 The Faculties of Dentistry & Pharmacy

 Military Postponement Service

 Mr. Gamal Mohmed

 Specialist for study time tables


 Mrs. Somaya Mahmoud

Admission Coordinator for the Faculty of Media & Mass Communication

Ext: 1057

 Mr. Mohamed Badr

Admission Coordinator for the Faculty of Engineering

Ext: 1328