Presentations of Integrated Marketing Communication Students to Lorenz Snacks World Company

The Business Department aims at providing social services by collaborating with organizations in the industry. In its best efforts to achieve such a goal and to empower talented students, Dr. May Fahmy the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Lecturer at BAEPS asked Mr. Mahmoud  Moustafa the General Manager at Lorenz Snacks World Company to send a creative brief for the Integrated Marketing Communication students to actually work on.  Accordingly, Dr. May Fahmy selected three of the high-potential groups in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) module to work on the creative brief, and provided them with the required practical mentorship and support that gave these creative students an opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to life by connecting them with industry. During the second semester the students of the three groups pitched their creative ideas to the Marketing team (Mr. Yasser El Guindy, Head of Marketing Department at Lorenz Snacks World Company, and Mr. Rimon Samy, the Senior Brand Manager at Lorenz Snacks World Company) who were very impressed by the students’ performance and by their highly integrated campaigns; where they have emphasized that their corporation will make use of the creative ideas presented by the three (IMC) groups. Moreover, the students have expressed that they consider their presentations to the Marketing Team of Lorenz as a transformational experience that have greatly benefited them, and is a valuable guide to their future Marketing careers
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Guest Speaker in the Advertising & PR Module

The Marketing Lecturer Dr. May Fahmy has invited a former Marketing student at the BUE as a quest speaker in two lectures of the Advertising & PR module. This guest speaker has presented to students his success story in launching the new snacking brand "Mesakkarat". He has mainly presented the digital platforms that were used in the launch campaign, in addition to the on ground activation awareness campaign. The session was engaging, and the students’ feedback was very positive.
May 1
May 2

Overview of Egypt’s Non-Banking Financial Services

On Sunday 1st of April 2018, A session has been organized by the Finance specialism and conducted by an external guest speaker; Mr. Sherif Samy who is a senior executive and advisor in the areas of investment, capital markets, financial inclusion, regulation, corporate governance and management restructure as well as a Former Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and Board Member of the Central Bank of Egypt. This session discussed a general overview of Egypt’s Non-Banking Financial Services that clearly provided great insights about Egypt’s rapidly developing capital market, insurance, financial leasing, factoring, mortgage and microfinance as well as the role of the Financial Regulatory Authority. Attendees’ feedback about the session: Based on the feed backs of many students who attended this session, it was quite beneficial and full of essential and well-structured content that would definitely help the students with the development of their future careers and corporate world. The session was rich with the needed information and it lasted for two whole hours from 2 pm to 4 pm.
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Professor Moira Clark, Henley Business school, visit to the BUE

The Research center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy invited to the BAEPS faculty Professor: Moira Clark Director of the Henley Centre for Customer Management.
Professor Moira serves as a consultant to a number of leading UK and international companies. She is a frequent keynote speaker at many public and in-company seminars and conferences around the world. She has researched and published widely on the subject of relationship marketing, customer experience and service excellence. Prof. Moira had the chance to share her experience with both our students in the International Marketing Module and staff members of the faculty, and it was a great opportunity of collaboration and networking between both centers
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Staff Development Session by Dr. Zeinab Younis  Associate Professor BAEPS, in the Engineering Faculty

Dr. Zeinab Younis from the Business department was kindly invited to give a staff development session on “Leadership skills and attributes” in the Engineering Faculty. The lecture took place on Thursday 29th of March, 2018 Building A- Meeting room 118 from 11-1pm. It was a great opportunity for networking between the faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science and the faculty of Engineering and an Interactive way of opening new venues of cooperation in the future.
staff development at Engineering faculty

Assess visit to Sharm

The Strategic Human Resources Management module leader – Dr. Maha Dajani - was honoured to welcome within its class the ‘ASSESS Talent Management’ team on Sunday 25th of March 2018, at 10:00am-12:00 noon, in Lecture Hall 3.
ASSESS Talent Management, is an Egyptian company, that aims to alleviate the talent management practice regionally in local and international organizations. It focuses on psychometrics to intervene in three specific practices, which are talent acquisitions, talent development and organizational cultural assessments. The session scope is to introduce the tools and solutions ASSESS uses to support organizations adopting SHRM in the talent management sphere. In the following is the agenda of the session: Session Agenda I. Introduction to talent management as a SHRM practice by organizations II. The binary view of talent management from an organizational and job seeker levels III. ASSESS solutions overview and some of the real interventions with clients in the region IV. Two ASSESS solutions zoom in and demonstration for their specifications V. Open session for questions and answers ASSESS team included Mr. Mohamed El Shafie (Co-founder & ASSESS Talent Management Lead), and two distinguished BUE alumni - Mrs. Passant Bassem and Miss Farida Saiid.   Special thanks go to Miss Farida for allowing such an educational opportunity for SHRM students. The team conducted a two-hour workshop aiming to introduce students to key life skills and competencies they can use in and out of BUE.     They also reviewed new techniques in strategic assessment and psychometric testing.   The aim of this workshop was met by nurturing future-ready students and preparing them for the world that awaits them. From strategic staffing to competency-building exercises, relationship skills features, and more, to provide students with the guidance they need to succeed in whatever they set their minds to. Finally, ASSESS team agreed to perform as ‘good practice’ an individual competency-based profile for each student in the SHRM class to indicate their points of weakness and strengths, that will be useful in their future careers.  

Dr. Maha

Linking Egyptian Industries to Academics

The Research Center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy was honored to collaborate with the Community services, and the Teaching and Learning committee in the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science to host Dr. Hend Abou Ghaly, to lecture on Sunday 25/3/2018 in Building G lecture Hall 2 from 1-2pm on” ‘ Linking Brand and After- Sales- services loyalty drivers: An empirical study in the automotive Industry in Egypt. Dr. Hend was welcomed within the class of Marketing management “C”- cohort of Dr. Madiha Metawie addressing students about a real life application on the Branding Topic in a very enthusiastic and interactive lecture. The invitation was open to staff members of the Business department especially those with an interest in marketing. The marketing manager of Abou-Ghaly Motors, Mr. Tamer Kotb AGM Commercial Director attended with the perspective to discuss possible collaboration between Abo Ghally Motors and the faculty in receiving summer internships of our students starting June 2018. A letter of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and Abou Ghally Motors was signed for this purpose.
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Ahl Masr

The Business Department aims at providing social services by collaborating with organizations in the industry. In its best efforts to achieve such a goal and to empower talented students, Dr. May Fahmy the Advertising Lecturer at BAEPS in cooperation with Dr. Zeinab Younis the Associate Professor at BAEPS and director of the Research Centre for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy have asked Dr. Heba El Sewedy the founder of Ahl Masr Foundation to send a creative brief for the Advertising students to actually work on.

During the semester three groups have worked on the creative brief of "Burn Prevention and Awareness Communication Campaign" of Ahl Masr Foundation in their Advertising projects, whereas one of those teams; which was led by the Marketing student Omar Abdelmonem Youssef (ID: 128888) showed interest in developing a new creative concept for the campaign of Ahl Masr Foundation. Accordingly, Dr. May has provided them with the required practical mentorship to enable them to professionally develop and present a creative concept. 

During March 2018, Omar Abdelmonem has presented the creative concept to  the board of Ahl Masr; where he has received very positive feedback on his outstanding and creative presentation; moreover, they have requested from him to move forward and bring the concept to life by producing the ad.
Ahl Masr 1

Field trip to the National Bank of Egypt – Al Ahly Bank

The Organisational Change and Development module team lead by Dr Maha Dajani planned for a students’ field trip to the National Bank of Egypt – Al Ahly Bank on Sunday, 29th of October. The field trip included workshops, presentations and interviews with several members of the bank that discussed the change process that was underwent at the bank. The students met with Mrs Hanan ElSheikh, the HR Group head, Mr Ahmed Ali Saleh and Mr Ahmed Sami, from the HR, Change and Development department. They were provided with Lectures by Mr Adel, Vice Director to HR group, and Mr AbdelAziz, Vice Head to Operations. The field trip was found to be very successful, the students were able to find the linkage between the theories that are discussed in class and their practices in real life situations.

Amer group

"In the course of enhancing mutual cooperation between Industry and academics, the Research Center of Innovation, Governance and Green Economy was delighted to host the guest speaker Mr. Omar Amer as Vice Chairman and Managing Director for Business Development in "Amer Group" to give a presentation under the title of “Leadership Attributes.” The lecture was attended on Wednesday 23rd of March, 2016 at the Business Department building by a number of staff members and colleagues from the Faculty of Business, Economics and Political Science. Students showed a great commitment in being engaged in the topic and special thanks to the students Innovation research community in supporting this.

Symposium of Learning Innovation in Higher Education

Dr. Zeinab younis, represented the centre of Innovation, Governance and Green Economy and the Bue Business department in attending the Symposium of Learning Innovation in Higher Education (LIHE 2016), which was held at the city of Copenhagen, Denmark from may 9th-11th.

The symposium was a great opportunity for networking with international colleagues to stand on the latest innovations in the field of teaching and learning practices in higher education. Moreover, it targeted an international collegial reviewers, researchers and practitioners within higher education around the world to further advance international research and successfully designed and implemented learning centered higher education.

 “I can proudly announce that after spending two days in such an environment of international academic and researchers’ collaboration that BUE has succeeded to position itself among the latest innovative methods in teaching and learning practices in higher education.”

Participation of Dr. Iman M Arafa and Dr. Wafaa Salah in the 26th International Conference (TUST)

Dr Iman M Arafa and Dr Wafaa Salah have participated in the 26th International Conference (TUST) held by Faculty of Commerce- Mansoura University in Sharm Elshiek on 16th &17th April 2016. The conference spots the lights on the role of Universities stemming from its social and environmental responsibilities in determining the challenges and opportunities that face de facto and de jure social transition.

Dr Iman and Dr Wafaa presented a paper titled: “The role of Universities in alleviating impediments confronting the SMEs: An international perspective”. 

StartUp Weekend event

Between 14-16 of April, hundreds of aspiring Egyptian young adults participated in the StartUp Weekend event, which is a global grassroot movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. Over 54 hours, the aspiring participants worked in teams to develop and pitch ideas to start new businesses, refine their business models, and present their final ideas to potential investors. At the end of the last day, twenty one teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges, of which seven teams won different prizes, offered by Oasis 500, TIEC and Aramex. Three of the winning teams are from the different faculties of the BUE; Es3efmy, who won the 1st prize; El-Bayt, who won Aramex’s special prize for the best E-commerce-based business and Hub-Maker won TIEC’s special prize for tech-based business.    

The event is co-sponsored by the British University in Egypt (BUE) and the U.S. government. The organization of the event was led by the Students’ Union of the Business Administration, Economics and Political Science Faculty under the supervision of Dr. Hala Hattab.      

Dr Magdi Iskander Presentation on Thursday 14th April, 2016

Professor Iskander introduced the Forum by presenting a brief history of his academic work and research at the World Bank. For the Egyptian economy, he advises: policy, transactions and teamwork and multidisciplinary work are essential within and across Ministries. The main challenge in a developing country such as Egypt is to move from dominant to competitive markets. The current structure of the Egyptian economy is not sustainable and not conducive to economic development. In  the 1970’s, Egypt was in the top third of the most competitive economies in the world, with the 5th largest stock exchange and today, in 2016, it is in the bottom quarter of competitiveness by global standards. This is in contrast to Singapore’s economy (which focused on investment in education) and on establishing trust between Government, business and the citizens. These foundations are missing in the Egyptian economy now: talent + trust are crucial to building the private sector and therefore the whole economy. The country must systematically deregulate the private sector and reduce the public sector – at the moment most private firms are spending 80 percent of their time dealing with Government! This is just one reason why innovation is a problem in Egypt.  Professor Iskander concluded that a bold agenda for reform in Egypt is needed urgently and we must move away from situational short term ‘fixes’.

The 4th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance

Dr. Hadia FakhrElDin participated in the 4th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance held at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics in Russia (14-15 April 2016).  She presented a paper entitled: "The Relationship between Organisational Culture and Job Satisfaction: an International Perspective". The conference had more than 100 participants from more than 40 countries.

Price Water House Session

As an initiative for opening channels of communication with the industry, Prof. Hazem Halim managed to convince the senior management of Price Water House to approach the BUE and give a one day training session for BAEPS students in the area of Taxation on the 4th of April 2016.  Price Water House is a network of firms in 157 countries with more than 208,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, advisory and taxservices.  They are very distinguished in their ability to create the value that clients need.  Their reputation lies in building lasting relationships with clients and focus on delivering value in all what they do.

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign of Fayrouz

The Business Department aims at providing solid theoretical foundation as well as hands-on practical experience in the various Business fields. In its best efforts to empower talented students, to foster a culture of innovation, and to fill gaps in the existing local Marketing Communications campaigns in Egypt; the Marketing Communications co-lecturer Ms. May Fahmy has selected one of the high-potential innovative campaigns during the first semester (2015/2016), and provided them with the required practical mentorship and support network that gave these creative students an opportunity to bring their innovative ideas to life by connecting them with industry.

The Honor level team members of that outstanding campaign were Nesrine Tarek El Feki  (ID# 116821), Mariam Alaa Tawfik (ID#116552), Mayar Ahmed Abdelghany (ID# 117533), and Adham Hossam El Din Hafez.(ID# 120593). These talented students used very innovative communication tools in a highly integrated manner to reach the target market for “Fayrouz” drink. They believed that there is a great opportunity for the brand’s growth through the introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility that would increase customers’ loyalty through enhancing brand image and creating a distinct brand personality. Accordingly, the students pitched their creative ideas to the Marketing team of “Fayrouz” at Al Ahram Beverages, who were very impressed by the students’ performance and with their highly integrated campaign, where they decided to use many of the presented tools that align with the brand essence and the company’s vision.

“The whole experience has influenced us on so many levels; as it gave us the opportunity to experience the real-life work environment. Moreover, the outstanding feedback that we’ve received from the Marketing team gave us belief in our own potential, and that we could start our own Advertising Agency once we graduate” said the students.

Dr. Sahar Abdel-Haleim participated in the 36th Annual Conference of the Middle East Economic Association

Paper presented: "Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interaction in Egypt: An Empirical Analysis in Egypt" at the 36th Annual Conference of the Middle East Economic Association held in conjunction with the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA), San Francisco, California, U.S.A., January 3-6th, 2016. Dr. Sahar also discussed a paper titled: “Decomposing the Determinants of Interest Rates in Turkey and Selected Emerging Markets Implementing Inflation Targeting Policies”. The Middle East Economic Association (MEEA) is a private, non-profit, and non-political organization of scholars interested in the study of economies and economics of the Middle East. The conference was a great opportunity to promote high standard scholarship, facilitate communication among scholars and promote cooperation among persons and organizations committed to the objectives of MEEA.

Prof. Aida's paper was selected as one of best presented paper

Professor. Aida Nakhla 1

Prof. Aida Participated in a conference and submitted a paper titled by "Gender differences in prestige value perception: A study on young Egyptian prestige seeking consumer in the fashion market”. Co-author: Doaa Ayoub. The paper was selected as one of best presented paper. she also was the Chairperson for the marketing session. In addition a discussant for the international Business track session. The sponsor of the conference: The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD).
Place: Orlando, Florida, USA
Time: from January 2nd to January 5th.

Dr. Hadia Fakhreldin participated in the 2015 International Advance

Business Research Conference

The International Advance Business Research Conference held from December 7 - 9,2015 at the University of London, United Kingdom.  She presented a paper, co-authored with Dr. Hala Hattab, titled "The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on the New Venture Creation of Necessity and Opportunity-Driven Egyptian Entrepreneurs".

Research Connect Course

An interactive professional development course provided by the British Council and delivered by a UK trainer to help our BUE researchers understand the tools to communicate effectively in order to publish in international journals; present at conferences and apply for funding from national and international institutes. Around twenty members of our academic staff participated in the course from the faculties of Engineering, Business Administration, Economics and Political Science, Informatics and Computer Science and the English Department. The workshop was for three consecutive days from Sunday the 25th to Tuesday the 27th of October, 2015, on our premises.

English & Employability Forum

On the 22nd of December 2015, Assistant Lecturer Christine Samy was invited by the British Council to attend the English & Employability Forum.
During the forum, Mr. Harry Haynes, the Head of Corporates and Business Development at the British Council, discussed why English language communication skills are important in the workplace in Egypt, and how multi-media English learning platforms have helped millions of working people achieve better performance. Mr. Haynes also talked about the reach and impact of English digital learning, and how it is beneficial to academic institutions and the Egyptian economy.

Dr. Hadia Fakhreldin participated in the third International Conference on Advances in Social Science

Dr.Hadia Fakhreldin participated in the third International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behavior, that took place in Zurich, Switzerland on October 10 & 11th,2015. Dr. Fakhr ElDin presented a paper entitled "Evaluating the Effect of Government Policies on Small and Medium Enterprise Development: Cases from nine different Countries". The conference included 120 + participants from more than 40 countries.

Dr. Zeinab Younis's participation at the International Academy of Business and Economics

Paper presented: "Change as a catalyst leading to corporate Social Innovation: reflections on the Canadian society's efforts in promoting CSI".  Presented in The International  Academy of Business and Economics's Las Vegas Business conference. October 11-13th, 2015. The paper was granted a publication in the International Journal of Business strategy, 2015 edition.  IABE organisational mission is always towards the advancement of research and exchange of ideas. The conference was a great opportunity for networking and mutual research opportunities specially in viable topics like CSR, CSI, Emotional Intelligence, Responsible Education, Change management, and  entrepreneurship. It also included important presentations in the field of Economics, finance and  Management information systems.

The 1st Annual Seminar on “Cloud Computing Policies for Socioeconomic Development”

A delegate of eight academic staff from the faculty of BAEPS attended The Regional Academic Network on IT Policies (RANITP), 1st Annual Seminar on “Cloud Computing Policies for Socioeconomic Development” on the 1st and 2nd of June 2015 at the AUC Downtown Campus, in Cairo, Egypt. The seminar was organized by Microsoft and AUC School of Business, who invited Dr. Sherine El-Fekey to participate in the two day event and nominate relevant staff members from the BAEPS faculty at BUE. The event provided a dynamic medium for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from government and think tanks across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, to meet and discuss how cloud computing technologies can promote socioeconomic development in different sectors, specifically in the education sector.

Dr. Sherine El-Fekey (Faculty Staff Development Coordinator, Sep. 2015), Dr. Marwa El-Gebali (e-learning Faculty Coordinator), Dr. Rania Miniesy (Economic Development), Dr. Hala Hattab (Entrepreneurship), Dr. Mohamed Rashwan (Finance), Dr. Ahhmed Abdelaziz (MIS), Ms. Christine Samy (member of Faculty Research team) and Ms. Farida Saiid (member of Faculty Quality team).

Second Middle East Conference On Global, Business, Economics, Finance and Banking Dubai.

Dr. Zeinab Shawky contributed in the Second Middle East Conference on Global, Business, Economics, Finance and Banking Dubai. Under the auspices of the British University in Dubai and the Management institute for Management development at Al Murooj hotel, from 22nd of May till 24th of May, 2015 Dubai.

Dr. Zeinab Shawky’s Invitation by Dr. Noha Basiouny from GUC

Dr. Zeinab Shawky Younis (Lecturer) has been invited by Dr. Noha Basiouny (Associate Professor) in Business Department at GUC to participate in " Towards Socially Responsible and Sustainable Management Education and Practice". It is an International workshop organized by the German University in Cairo (GUC), The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI). May 6th-7th, 2015, which was held at The Conrad Hotel, Cairo Egypt.

Prof. Maged George's Invitation by WSEAS

Prof. Maged G. Iskander, Vice Dean for Research, has been invited by WSEAS (the World

Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society) to be an Invited Speaker in one of their joint Conferences:

Ernst & Young and MSA University Audit Simulation Competition

The Faculty of Management Sciences, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) organized an audit simulation with Ernst & Young (EY) Egypt as academic sponsor.
The event dates are 22 & 23 of April 2015 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, MSA participated and invited 45 students from public and private universities namely:
-   Ain Shams University
-   American University in Cairo (AUC)
-   British University in Egypt (BUE)
-   Cairo University
-   German University in Cairo (GUC)
-   Helwan University
-   Misr University for Sciences and Technology (MUST)
-   October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)
Five BUE accounting students joined this competition .The students are Amr Mohsen Ali Munibari, Ingy Youssef Mohamed Ibrahim , Nouran Mohamed Ahmed Ragaei , Winfred Mueni Muema and Lydia Samy Shafik Kirollos  . The completion was very beneficial and amazing experience for our students . Winferd Mueni Muema got one of the top positions in the completion and got Internship at Ernst & Young (EY) (Big accounting and auditing Firm) and Amr Mohsen provide one of best auditing presentation content

Supply Chain Simulation Game

On Tuesday the 17th of March, 2015 the supply chain management module team hosted “A Supply Chain Simulation Game” event for the enrolled students in the module to enable them to fully comprehend the criticality of “The Coordination in a supply chain” and how every stage throughout the supply chain is heavily affected if something went wrong along. Having students engage in such simulation games would allow them to link the theoretical background that they study with the practical business world, yet at the same time the student does not have to suffer the consequences of those mistakes as he would in real-life. The supply chain module team, Dr. Bassam Elahmadi, Ms. Ola Mamdouh and Ms. Sarah Boktor hosted Dr. Khaled Rashad, a professional Supply Chain Practitioner, who thankfully provided the Simulation Game with his dedicated team. The simulation Game took place in “Building C” in the Party Room, where all the needed facilities where available to ensure a perfect equipped environment to communicate the core essence of the Game. As a result students were fully engaged with the game and appreciated its interactivity nature. It aided in delivering the intended learning objectives of the chapter. It demonstrated the benefits of information sharing and collaboration in the supply chain. The Nature of the Game: The beer distribution game is an experiential learning business simulation game created by a group of professors at MIT Sloan School of Management in early 1960s to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management. In the beer game students enact a four stage supply chain. The task is to produce and deliver units of beer: the factory produces and the other three stages deliver the beer units until it reaches the customer at the downstream end of the chain. The aim of the players is: each of the four groups has to fulfill incoming orders of beer by placing orders with the next upstream party. Communication and collaboration are not allowed between supply chain stages, so players invariably create the so called bullwhip effect. Below is the Biography of the Guest Speaker (Dr. Khaled Rashad) •    A senior executive and a passionate leader with more than 15 years of success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. •    Extensive experience with corporate strategies, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries (Automotive, FMCG, Textile, Agriculture and Retail).

Prof. Aida N. Rizkalla at International Conference in the USA

On 2-5 of January 2015 Prof. Aida N. Rizkalla ( Head of Business Administration Department ) Participated in the International Academy of Business Research and Public Research Administration Disciplines with the topic “ Assessing the effectiveness of E-Learning : Does it improve students’ performance) And she received a Research Award for her work.

Dr. Sherine El-Feky's Best Presentation Award

On 29-30 of December 2014, Dr. Sherine El-Feky (Lecturer & HR Coordinator of the Business Administration, Economics and Political Science Faculty) participated in the 5th International Research Conference on Business, Economic and Social Science IRC-2014 - Dubai, UAE. Dr. Sherine received "The Best Presentation Award" for her research paper titled "Individual and Organizational Barriers Impeding The Establishment of Learning Organizations: An Application on the Egyptian Banking Sector".

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