The newly established Faculty of Law of the British University in Egypt intends to become a centre of excellence in Education and Research in Egypt, the Middle East and the world, in an environment of collaboration and respect for all of its members.
The overall mission of the Faculty is to provide Egypt, and the Middle East with a British style of Education of the highest quality. The course aims to engage, support and enable every student to develop intellectually and personally through the acquisition of legal knowledge and professional skills. This will equip them to become critical practitioners and life-long learners able to achieve their goals of further study and employment, including professional qualification as legal executives in a continually evolving world of employment.
The British Egyptian Degree in Legal Study is a programme based on a concept of applied legal science. The Faculty of Law seeks to challenge students and staff to make a difference in the real world by focusing on the concept of “Social Engineering”.
The Faculty is pleased to offer some of the most exciting programmes of study available in the Middle East, with many opportunities for students to volunteer their time and expertise to help enrich the community, while acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to uphold the rule of law and the values of Society. It is a four-year professionally orientated programme designed to provide students with the confidence to think creatively, supervised by a highly qualified and accessible Academic staff.
It is the first dual degree in Law in Egypt and as a British and Egyptian degree in legal study it is a model to be followed by other Law Faculties. The Law Faculty objective is to approach the fundamental legal basics and multidisciplinary of all Law fields, as well as essential assets of the jurists today which should be modern, competent and effective. In addition to an extensive programme of lectures delivered by academics, lawyers and politicians, many sports, social and cultural activities are organised. The Faculty will also create centres and organisations working to advance legal research.
The Faculty of Law is open to the world and the exchange of ideas. These factors will maintain successful international exchange and the establishment of dynamic research. 
Finally, remember that: “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, Albert EINSTEIN.
Dean / Hassan Abdelhamid