Green Heritage International Conference

Chance – Change – Challenge

Green Heritage


Chance – Change – Challenge

About the Conference

Sustainable development is based on four defined pillars; environment, economics, society and culture. The conference focuses on discussing heritage sustainability. The concept extends beyond the traditional aspects of heritage preservation and safeguarding to cover the relevance and significance of the sustainable development definition. However, sustainable development brings heritage concepts to another dimension, as it establishes social aspects.

It is now acting as one of the key aspects for the achieving sustainable development; moving towards broader and wider scenarios, where it becomes the driving force for commerce, business, leisure and politics.

Conference Aim

The Centre of Sustainability and Future Studies (BUE), worked for the past period in many different studies and issues related to sustaining the Egyptian heritage. This year it discusses issues related to “Green Heritage”, under the following conference title “Green Heritage: Chance – Change – Challenge. This expands the discussion to discuss the complex nature of the problems facing heritage preservation which need consideration of the global and local factors. This includes factors such as pollution, climate change, infrastructure, religion and tourism. The conference call is open for academics, higher-education and research institutions, NGOs, and small businesses to contribute, via a bottom-up approach. It aims at unifying efforts and support in order to develop advanced methods to adapt the heritage environment to accept the proposed development actions and increase the quality of life with the intelligence of collective conscious.

The conference aims to present and discuss the ideas of green heritage and initiatives shaping a bottom up approach for and supporting the governmental priorities and initiatives and other International initiatives and challenges. In addition to organizing summer and winter schools and different competitions for sites such as Luxor, Quseir, Rashid, Abu Simpel and other areas searching for better quality of Life and creating the scientific tourism. Moreover, the “Chance, Change and Challenge” event is an opportunity to learn from the International experiences and from the Egyptians all over the world to support Egypt’s heritage.

The complex nature of problems facing heritage preservation need consideration of the global and local factors. This include factors such as pollution, climate change, infrastructure, religion and tourism.