Annual report of CSFS:
Built on expertise at BUE and networking and collaboration with national and international researchers, the research centers at BUE have been the hub for research in many areas, attracting funding and producing quality publications. BUE currently have created ten research centers during the period from 2006 to 2015 covering fields in engineering, informatics, pharmaceuticals, and more.
Since 2008 and with the believing of sustainable development there was the idea to establish the Center of Sustainability and Future studies at the British University in Egypt. But it was started as a unit through the Architecture department and after the Future Intermediate Sustainable Cities Conference (November 2010) the unit became a Centre by March 2011:

 2017 Annual Report

CSFS units:
The Centre will have four different units of when get resources
  1.  Innovation, creativity and bank of ideas unit.
  2. Research and scientific studies unit.
  3. Internarial cooperation GIS and Decision support unit.
  4. Farouk El Baz Forum for Young Generation unit

CSFS Structure flow charts:
CSFS Organizational Chart