The Center for drug Research & Development at the British University in Egypt (CDRD@BUE), founded in February 2013, the Center is aiming to provide services with high quality that meet the local and international guidelines, in order to strengthen the medical research and pharmaceutical industry to meet the need for short, medium, and long term of development, to elevate the overall industrial performance, and to achieve globalization. The Center could expand its service scope towards building a communication platform for the integration of resources from industry, government, academia and research institutes to effectively improve overall technology levels of the medical research and pharmaceutical industry. The center is a part of the faculty of Pharmacy at The British University in Egypt. The center is equipped with high technological and equipment currently utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, in addition to being an extension of the Department’s education and research mission. We have recognized the importance of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and have developed an interdisciplinary Center with a cooperative community of researchers and educators pursuing collaborative science and technology development.