Chair: President
Secretary: Provided by the Office of the President        

  • Vice-President
  • University Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
  • Deans
  • Secretary General
  • Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education
  • Up to three lay members with experience of higher education or public office

Responsible for:

  1. Implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees, as appropriate.
  2. Overseeing the academic, research and student affairs of the University, based on a commitment to developing the BUE along British educational lines.
  3. Ensuring the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University, taking account of recent research and innovations in pedagogy and learning support.
  4. Setting internal regulations for the University’s operation in financial, academic, administration, personnel, education and student affairs and to ensure that rules are introduced for all University establishments.
  5. Ensuring arrangements are made for the organisation and support of student union, student activities and student cultural, athletic and social affairs.
  6. Setting the guidelines for selecting Heads of Department and their duties and responsibilities.
  7. Considering and giving an opinion on other matters referred to it by the Board of Trustees.
  8. Setting systems in place for lectures, research, scientific training and examinations. Decision making remit:
  9. Awarding degrees and certificates and proposing the award of honorary degrees (based on recommendations from Senate)
  10. Approving partnerships with national and international organizations and related memoranda of understanding.(based on  recommendations from Executive Group and relevant committees)
  11. Approving the appointment and promotion of academic staff.
  12. Approved admissions guidelines, the target number of students and programmes in each department.
  13. Approved the rules for full or partial scholarships for excelling students.
  14. Approved the rules for staff and student exchanges and receiving foreign grants/sponsorship.
  15. Approving the academic year plan
  16. Recommending to the Board of Trustees the Annual Budget.
  17. Recommending to the Board of Trustees the University Strategic Plan.
  18. Approving secondments of academic staff members.
  19. Approving any proposed changes to the University’s academic quality assurance framework (based on recommendations from Senate).
  20. Approving the appointment of internal and external examiners (recommended to the University Board by Senate) and to determine their conditions of appointment and service.
  21. Depriving any person of any Degree, distinction, title, academic award, Diploma or Certificate, conferred on or granted to that person by the University and the withdrawal of such privileges as may be associated therewith (based on recommendations by Senate).
  22. To approve changes to the academic and programme regulations (based on recommendations by Senate).
  23. To approved new programmes of study and the amendment and withdrawal of existing programmes. (based on recommendations by Senate)
  24. To approve new university centers (based on recommendations by Senate)
Meetings: Minimum 6 times a year 
Quorum: The Chair and 50% of Members