Classroom Courtesy

  • Mobile phones should be switched off during lectures, and should not be brought to any examination rooms during exam period.
  • Orderly and productive classroom discussion is encouraged. 
  • Late arrivals are not allowed. If students must enter class late, they should do so as quietly as possible.
  • If students have any general enquiries, they should discuss them with the lecturer after class or during an appointed time. Side discussions are not acceptable; students are expected to act professionally, respectably and maturely.
  • Full and punctual attendance at all core lectures (weeks 2 - 10) is a requirement unless absence or punctuality is unavoidably caused by illness, , compassionate reasons or has received prior permission.
Academic Honesty Policy

The purpose of the written work is to develop your writing and analytical skills. The main emphasis of all your written and presented work should be based on your own point of view and understanding of the discussed issues.

PLAGIARISM: A work which contains material “borrowed” from other sources without proper acknowledgement cannot be marked as your own work. If you engage in such unacknowledged “borrowing”, a grade of 0% will be awarded. This is independent of any penalties that may be applied by the university authorities.

To avoid this outcome, studnets are advised to:

1. Acknowledge every source from which you have drawn information or ideas for your Paper/presentation/assignment

2. Place every direct quote from a source between quotation marks, and give a citation for the source. (Footnotes, Endnotes)

3. Do not paraphrase sources. Any words not in quotations must be your own works, words neither directly lifted nor closely paraphrased from someone else. Lifting any passage from a source without clear acknowledgment that the words and style are not your own in an illegitimate practice, even if specific works have been changed in the passage.

Office Hours

Office hours give students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and to explore points of confusion or interest that cannot be fully addressed in class. It is important for module leaders and teaching assistants  to encourage their students to come to office hours and to use that time effectively. Students should abide by the office hours announced by the academic staff.

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