Staff Development 2014

On 19 February 2014, ICS Faculty invited all ICS staff members to spend a nice, instructive and beneficial day at the Imperial Boat, where all staff members get to socialize, improve their interpersonal and technical skills. The program was very fruitful, Prof. Ahmed Hamad – Dean of ICS started with welcoming all staff members, Prof. Samir Abo El Soud gave his first lecture about "How to write a research proposal" focusing on guidelines and policies in research studies. Prof. Doaa El Zanfaly then started her second lecture defining "what digital feedback is", and how it can be beneficial for academic staff in terms of time reduction and efficiency.The third session was delivered by Mrs. Reham Mowad – previous HR manager about Leadership, Assoc. Prof. Nevin Makram gave her fourth lecture about "Time & Stress Management" followed by an interactive exercise. Finally, Dr. Ahmed Gawish concluded his last session about "Planning for your Teaching" only for Teaching Assistants. The day included coffee and lunch breaks during the sessions.

Staff Development 2015

The ICS faculty conducted the second staff development day out of the BUE campus on the Imperial boat in the Nile. During this day we delivered five workshops and sessions that cover a variety of topics such as the hoe to give an effective feedback to students, a session about new facilities and library research services, the BUE annual quality cycle and APRs, and finally editing the staff profile in the BUE web site. It was successful day with high attendance from all academic staff, TAs, admin staff, technicians.

ICS Staff Development 2016

Staff development is a cruical element in the shaping of ICS future at the BUE. This development is composed of multiple sessions that are carried out through the year in order to enhance, discuss, and develop the ICS program in order to meet the expectations of all the stake holders, such as the students, community, and staff.

This academic year of 2016, the staff development will be organized throughout the academic year as sessions that take place on campus, and will be provided from all ICS staff and employees. Two sessions were delivered this year:
  • Tuesday, January 26th: This session covered the best practices for exams, marking and moderation procedures. In this session, the staff discussed and contributed their best practices on how to enhance the different processes related to developing the exams, best ways to provide feedback for the students, and the marking and moderation processes best practices.
  • Sunday, February 7th: This session dwelled into how to motivate students, and this discussion was lead by Dr. Pauline Ghenghesh. Another session covered the steps that the faculty of ICS is taking towards enabling blended learning as a critical element of education at the BUE.

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