Degree Programmes

What will I study?
Preparatory Year
You will be introduced to basic psychology topics, and most importantly, to a wide range of study skills necessary for the higher level of your undergraduate education. You will also have the opportunity to develop your Arabic and English language skills required for successful undergraduate study.Degree

Year 1
This provides the foundation for the study of basic and applied psychology generally. Furthermore, you will be introduced to basic research techniques and statistical analysis so that you know where and how to source and use information.Degree

Year 2 
You will get a deeper perspective on the human behaviour through a range of core modules that cover personality, human cognition, emotions and motivation along with more sophisticated assessment and research skills.Degree

Year 3
You will get the opportunity to apply the wide range of skills that you have acquired in two 20-credit internships in one of the following fields of application: clinical, organizational or educational psychology.

How will I learn and be assessed?
The key characteristic of our teaching and learning method is enhancing students’ experiential learning through developing their competencies in self-discovery and leadership. We support our students with access to a variety of computing and experimental equipment to bring top-notch national and international standards together. The main focus of our curriculum is to lead students towards a path of creation, innovation and critical thinking. Our teaching methods include lectures, tutorials, group work, private study, field trips, practical classes, workshops and experimental work conducted in the labs to help students gain fundamental research skills and hands-on experiences. This will be facilitated by our full-time academics, teachers, and support staff who supports students’ experiences in all disciplines. Since our learning and teaching strategies promote collaboration and mutual exchange of ideas, assessment involves coursework exams, final exams, presentations, seminars and projects.

What career and further education opportunities are open to me when I graduate?
Psychology is a specific-subject area focusing on the human cognition, emotion and behaviour, the relationship between thought, feelings and behaviours and the variety of social and cultural situations and contexts. In addition, students of Psychology are engaged in multiple forms of research methods and statistical measurements; they are also trained on using theories to reflect critically on their own learning and thinking. Students of Psychology also learn to communicate well, use statistical software, initiate and take responsibility of their own work and evaluate the work of others. The programme is designed to provide a solid foundation to those who are looking for a future career in a wide range of roles in:
  • teaching, publishing and research,
  • clinical interventions in clinics, hospitals, and special needs centers,
  • school interventions,
  • consultation and organisational interventions
  • military, intelligence and police institutions
  • legislation system especially in family court and forensic psychology in addition to
  • human development and non-governmental organizations The programme is tailored to suit the demands of the job market which opens for our graduates a range of opportunities in renowned local and international organisations and institutions. Our graduates have a solid foundation of analytical, methodological and communication skills which enables them to employ the skills and expertise gained through the years of study. Thus, they can proactively contribute to the development of the society.