BUE - AUC Exchange Day


There has always been an ongoing cooperation between The AUC and The BUE in order to develop the potentialities of teachers of English as a foreign language.  The latest event was held at The BUE on Sunday 30th April, 2017 which was hosted by the Department of English Language and Literature at Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Four presenters from The AUC discussed the latest trends in using technology to enhance the classroom and online education as follows:

  1. Three Corpus-Based Online Tools for Academic Writing by Alexander M. Lewko.

  2. Learning Made Interesting Through Technology by Laila Kamal.

  3. The Oral Presentation "Kit" in an Academic Setting by Noha Khafagi.

  4. Boosting student confidence in speaking using technology by Sophie Farag.

The fruitful discussions which followed the presentations between The BUE staff and The AUC presenters have shed light on some of the issues educators in Egypt need to address.

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