The general aims of the English Language and Literature Programme are to:

1. Provide students with:
  • an intellectually stimulating experience of learning and studying;
  • an ability to develop an understanding of how language is structured and how it has been used to persuade, inspire and entertain people;
  • the ability to appreciate the arts and the social, cultural and aesthetic diversity of the human heritage; 
  • the ability to be self-directed and innovative in tackling and solving problems;     
  • the ability to learn independently to be life-long learners;
2. Develop a wide range of subject-specific and generic skills of value in graduate employment, including high-order critical, analytic and research skills, as well as competence in oral and written communication.

3. Provide a learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential, personally and academically, so that on graduation they are capable of and free to choose from many different career opportunities offered by the three specialisations in literature, linguistics and translation.

4. Provide a programme that meets the educational requirements of appropriate professional bodies, both nationally and in the UK.