About English Language and Literature

In response to the rapidly changing world, the Department of English Language and Literature nurtures the disciplines of literature, applied linguistics and translation to create new knowledge and experience. The Department, thus, broadens the intellectual horizons of students to reach personal and professional success upon joining one of the following specialisms:
  • BA English Language and Literature (General) where students focus on the interpretation and analysis of literary texts and study theories of literature and criticism.
  • BA English Language and Literature (Applied Linguistics) where students study spoken and written communication, distinctive levels of analysis: phonology, grammar and lexis.
  • BA English Language and Literature (Translation) where students acquire the skills of professional translation: terminology and lexicology, computers and translation, and theoretical aspects of translation.
Our programmes meet the needs of the 21st century by focusing on the historical knowledge of different cultures and the effective use of technology for communication and creativity. Students also develop their abilities to read analytically, write clearly, operate trans-linguistically in an interrelated world, think critically and argue effectively. Graduates of our B.A. programmes can pursue careers in the following fields:
  • teaching at national and international institutions,
  • banking and human resources,
  • legal, literary, at sight, consecutive, technical, economic, financial and commercial, translation,
  • interpreting at international organisations such as United Nations, UNESCO and the Red Cross,
  • copywriting, editing and proofreading in publishing houses,
  • technical writing and research in national and international organisations
  • computational linguistics and
  • education management.